Skip Bayless receives heavy backlash after infamous take on Vikings QB Kirk Cousins

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins is considered one of the best QBs in the league but in the 2023 season, he got injured and couldn’t play up to the mark. This year he will hit free agency and is one of the most sought-after QBs in the market.

While many still consider him among the best quarterbacks and worth the lucrative deals he had, Skip Bayless doesn’t agree with it.

Skip Bayless labels Kirk Cousins overrated

In a recent episode of Undisputed, the analyst Skip Bayless talked about QB Kirk Cousins and even labeled him as the most overpaid player in NFL history.  Skip Bayless, who previously called Taylor Swift a distraction, was frustrated with the QB’s inability to play well in the playoffs and shared his lack of admiration for him.

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Cousins earned $231 million throughout his career and Bayless believes he was not worth it.

“Kirk Cousins is way overrated at a position that remains in the NFL understocked. But he is to me, the most overpaid single player in the history of the National Football League at $232M going on $332 million, because even now at $232M that’s the 11th most money anybody’s ever made in this league, and it’s the fourth most of the active players,” Bayless said.

He continued stating that even if he can play well in the regular season, he showed no better performance in the playoffs.

“I never see enough of him. He can do little big things during the regular season. But he’s just a middle-of-the-pack quarterback who’s a really good and likable guy,” the sports analyst added.

According to Skip Bayless, the only reason the QB was able to acquire such good deals and earn such lucrative amounts was not solely due to his football skills but rather because of his likable personality.

Fans furious after Skip Bayless hot take on Kirk Cousins

Skip Bayless didn’t mince his words to share his disappointment with Kirk Cousins which infuriated the QB’s fans. They took to social media to disagree with Bayless’ comments and shared admiration for the QB. 

They expressed anger and frustration at Bayless, calling him names and questioning his credibility as a sports analyst. Some users called Bayless an “absolute clown,” indicating strong disapproval of his comments.

“You’re an absolute clown.”

Some labeled Bayless as “the most overpaid sports clown in the history of sports television,” highlighting the intensity of the backlash.

“Skip Bayless is the most overpaid sports clown in the history of sports television.”

Fans defended Kirk Cousins’ abilities, citing his potential as an MVP candidate if not for his injury.

“Kirk was winning MVP if he didn’t get hurt.”

They highlighted Cousins’ strong performance before his Achilles injury, emphasizing his value to the Vikings and his consistency over the years. Despite his injury, Kirk Cousins remains a sought-after option in free agency, with teams considering him for potential contracts.

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