Russell Wilson future: What’s next for Broncos QB amid trade speculations before March’s free agency?

The Denver Broncos QB Russell Wilson’s future is once again uncertain as he can be on the move this offseason. The QB couldn’t play very well in the 2023 season and was even benched for the final few games of the season.

Considering these factors, it seems like the Broncos will soon make a decision regarding Russell Wilson and he might end up finding a new team.

Broncos reportedly expected to waive QB Russell Wilson

According to recent reports, the Denver Broncos will not continue with quarterback Russell Wilson in the 2024 season. It is expected that the team will release him before the free agency period in March.

One of ESPN’s journalists, Jeff Legwold also confirmed these rumors stating, “Almost no one in the league” expects the Broncos to retain Wilson.

Even if the team decides to release the QB, he will still get $39 million guaranteed money in 2024. However, if the team wants to release him, they will decide before March 18 otherwise he will be guaranteed a $37 million salary for 2025.

It is also reported that the Broncos will not release Russell Wilson until they find a new quarterback. The team is interested in acquiring Justin Fields who is also looking for a new team to join for the upcoming season.

As far as Russell Wilson’s choice is concerned, he will most likely prefer the team to release him soon so he can consider other options to continue his NFL career. The free agency period begins after March 11 so the QB will need to start negotiating with the teams before other players get involved. 

The QB’s tenure with the Broncos was nothing entirely exceptional. The coach of the team, Sean Payton, was frustrated with his inability to move the ball consistently. However, he is still one of the talented quarterbacks in the league and can be a great addition to any team.

What are Russell Wilson’s potential future team options?

With the Broncos reportedly expected to release Russell Wilson, he will need to find a new team soon. Here are some of the potential landing spots for the QB.

Pittsburgh Steelers were previously seen as the top landing spot for the QB, but the odds recently dropped. Because of the QB’s poor performance this season, he is no longer seen as a perfect fit for the team.

Other two teams that can be potentially the new home for the QB are the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. Both teams are in dire need of a new quarterback. But as the Falcons have a more competitive roster, they might be the ones acquiring Russell Wilson. On the other hand, the roster of the Patriots is incomplete because of restructuring and a new head coach in charge.

Russell Wilson
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The Las Vegas Raiders could also be interested in signing Russell Wilson. The QB can be a good fit for the team and there will be no financial restraints in acquiring Wilson for the Raiders.

Last but not least, the Minnesota Vikings are another potential landing spot for the QB. The team faced QB problems, and it is also expected that Kirk Cousins will leave them before the upcoming season. They are also financially viable, and Wilson can provide stability amid the chaotic quarterback situation of the team. Till now, the most suitable landing option for Russell Wilson is the Minnesota Vikings.

However, the final decision will be on Wilson himself. If the Broncos do release him, then he will have to choose a new team considering multiple factors that are beneficial for him and his future in the NFL.

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