Shocking Cristiano Ronaldo vs Bukayo Saka Premier League stat comparison leaves fans divided: “Disgraceful and disrespectful”

The hype surrounding Bukayo Saka is real. People say he’s one of the most exciting talents there. He’s been a big help in Mikel Arteta’s efforts to make Arsenal better. The winger has quickly established himself as a crucial player for Arsenal due to his consistent improvement and strong performances.

Following several matches, a well-known news site has analyzed Saka’s statistics in comparison to a football legend, causing disappointment among fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Bukayo Saka stat comparison

A debate between a prodigy and a legend can be quite challenging, especially with the recent performance by Saka reigniting the discussion and making it a trending topic. Arsenal recently triumphed over West Ham United with a commanding 6-0 victory, with Saka contributing two goals. He has achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the youngest player to score 50 goals for Arsenal in the past 40 years.

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Saka is now being compared to the young Ronaldo, as his stats prove him to be a better player than Ronaldo. As per Skysports for the first 210 senior appearances across all competitions, Saka has made a total of 100 contributions, bagging 51 goals and 49 assists, while on the other hand, Ronaldo delivered 50 goals and assisted 43 times, for a total of 93 contributions.

Fans outraged after Saka and Ronaldo comparisons

This comparison has undoubtedly wounded the feelings of some football fans, who think it is absurd to compare both players. Both athletes were outstanding throughout their playing careers, and there is no need for comparison.

However, Ronaldo and Saka supporters have their own opinions. If one contends that Saka is superior to Ronaldo due to superior statistics, the other counters that it is shameful to compare Saka to young Ronaldo, who had won everything at the time, including the Ballon d’Or.

Despite such healthy arguments, people see them as among the best players who have played this wonderful game of football. All football fans are always ready for an argument, whether it’s between goats or anything like this. And as a football fan, who do you believe is better? Ronaldo or Saka?


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