Why Red Bull’s bold RB20 is likely to have scared their F1 rivals?

Following the reigning World Champions Red Bull’s launching event of the RB20, the Formula 1 community has been taken by surprise and awe. The Red Bull camp, and especially their fans, looks to be head over heels with the RB20 and seems super-confident ahead of the new season.

However, on the other side of the spectrum, Red Bull’s competitors in Formula 1 looks strikingly worried with the bold RB20 and its ‘great innovations.’

Why Red Bull’s daring RB20 terrify F1 rivals?

Red Bull’s interpretation of the 2022 F1 regulations was an exceptional triumph that gave way to an ‘untouchable’ design. The constructor company has since utilized the best of the f1 regulations which has stood as one of the biggest reasons behind their consecutive title glories. As for the RB20’s design, the other F1 teams expected just a ‘refined’ version of an already superlative design, but Red Bull really pulled off the unexpected with the RB20.

Instead of just another ‘refined’ design, the RB20 delivered the element of surprise with an aggressive development and innovation which really pushes the boundaries.

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Red Bull has taken quite the ‘big evolutionary’ upgrade with the absolutely monstrous RB20. The RB20 appears to be more aerodynamic than its ‘undrivable’ predecessor, the RB19, which can be clearly seen from images of the RB20’s first shakedown run at the ‘wet’ Silverstone circuit.

From the still shots, it can be seen that the waterflow around the RB20 is almost ‘perfectly’ streamlined. This clearly reveals the technical lengths Red Bull has gone with the RB20- enough to send a sharp intake of breath to RB’s F1 rivals.

Watch the RB20’s shakedown run at the wet Silverstone circuit below:

Red Bull sneaks ‘great innovation’ with the new RB20 launch

Red Bull has made some notable adjustments on the RB20, with a minimized overall surface area and great ‘innovative’ features. The most notable design change is the upright radiator inlet that looks really similar to that of the original zero sidepod Mercedes from 2022.

But unlike the 2022 Mercedes’ inlet, Red Bull reshaped the vertical inlets to give way to a really huge undercut at the front. The RB20 also carries a reduced center of gravity due to height, as both the radiator area and inlet are now positioned much lower than before.

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In addition to the adjustments in the cooling layout, the re-positioning and miniaturization of the radiators has resulted in shorter rear upper bodywork and sidepods. This has created more volume to enhance the airflow around the diffuser and rear wing section.

This refined design of the upper bodywork also allows to maximize the under-floor’s performance. The venturi tunnels now carry a ‘re-optimized’ geometry due to stronger airflow around the sidepods and along the floor edges.

The RB20 and its ‘great innovations’ will be put to the test on 2nd March, as Red Bull travels to Bahrain for the season-opener Grand Prix.

Should Red Bull’s rivals really be worried about the bold RB20? Or is the RB20 being too overhyped? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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