Red Bull F1 2024 car launch: will Christian Horner be present at the event?

The reigning Formula 1 champions Red Bull Racing are already in ‘hot waters’ surrounding the ongoing investigation of their Team Principal, Christian Horner. This investigation, that began only last week, is yet to reach a conclusion.

However, with Red Bull’s 2024 car launching event just hours away, the question arises: Will Christian Horner be present at the event, alongside the dominating Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez?

Will Christian Horner be at 2024 Red Bull F1 car launch?

Amidst Christian Horner’s ongoing investigation, Red Bull is launching its 2024 F1 challenger—the RB20—today (15th February 2024) at its Milton Keynes headquarters. But there is a heated discussion whether the Team Principal will be present in the launching event or not.

According to a latest report by The Independent, Christian Horner—who has been in charge of Reed Bull since 2005—will be present at the launching event, despite the ongoing investigation due to his alleged ‘inappropriate behavior’ towards a former team employee. It is speculated that he will speak to the media sometime during the event. But he is likely to receive limited screen time due to legal reasons.

From what Sportszion understands, Horner, who was previously seen on-site at Silverstone on Tuesday during RB’s secret filming day, is continuing his duties as Team Principal till his investigation reaches a conclusion.

Red Bull are set to live-stream the RB20’s launching event at 07:30 (GMT) today, with interviews with the drivers, and an interview with Christian Horner scheduled half an hour later.

Watch the LIVE launching event of the RB20 below:

Helmut Marko comments on Christian Horner investigation

In a recent interview for OE24, Helmut Marko, the head of Red Bull’s driver development program, finally broke silence on Christian Horner’s investigation.

During the interview, he was asked about how Horner’s investigation is affecting Red Bull’s preparation ahead of next season. He replied by saying, “I can’t tell you that or anything else on this topic. As long as the investigation is ongoing or there is no result, you will not hear anything from me. This is an ongoing process.”

Pointing out Red Bull’s priorities, he added, “I hope that we can quickly get our turbulence under control. Luckily our car is ready, and we are well prepared.”

Is Red Bull making a wrong decision by allowing Christian Horner to join the RB20’s launching event? Should the team launch the RB20 without this ‘controversial’ man? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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