What big adjustments did Red Bull make to RB20 ahead of next F1 season?

Red Bull, the current constructor’s champion, has been in fiery form for the last few years, proving to be almost unbeatable since 2022. Following ‘F1’s most dominating season ever’, the Austrian team will be taking a shot at its ‘mission impossible’: win four World Championships in a row.

Red Bull’s ‘hattrick heroes’, including reigning World Champ Max Verstappen and his comrade Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez, will be entering the grid with this mission in mind, along with the ‘legendary’ RB19’s successor, the RB20.

What are the new changes in RB20?

Red Bull is looking to enter the 2024 season juiced up with its latest F1 challenger, the RB20. The RB20 is expected to be a ‘bit’ more competitive than its predecessor, as there is little reason to do anything dramatically different after such a crushingly dominant campaign in 2023.

But Red Bull CTO Adrien Newey is unsure if the RB20’s ‘third evolution’ design approach is right or not. During the team’s ‘Talking Bulls’ podcast, he revealed what’s to be expected in the new car. “Our car, it’s very much a third evolution of the 22 car,” he said.

“Last year’s car was an evolution of ’22 in its main points being of course, the normal winter development in terms of aerodynamics, some understanding on what we needed to do with suspension to try to improve the car as well, and getting weight out of it, because we never got down to the weight limit in ’22.”

“This year’s car is the third evolution of that original RB18. What we don’t know, of course, is the third evolution too conservative, while others have done something different? You just don’t know”, he added.

In terms of looks, the RB20 will have little to no ‘visual’ differences with the RB19, as per Max Verstappen. During a live stream with his Team Redline simracing teammates, he said the new car will “look exactly the same” as last year’s Red Bull RB19, which he once termed ‘undriveable’.

Although the Red Bull men have revealed some early details about the RB20, nothing is uncertain until, at least, its unveiling.

When will Red Bull unveil RB20?

Red Bull has officially announced that it will present its 2024 F1 challenger, the RB20, on Thursday, February 15th, at its Milton Keynes headquarters.

As of today, only 4 teams have pulled off the wraps of their 2024 Formula 1 cars, like the Alpine A524 and the C44 of the Stake F1 team. These teams have used a mix of launch approaches, with some teams unveiling liveries and digital renders and others opting to showcase their actual cars.

It is still unknown whether Red Bull will present the actual RB20 car or continue presenting the livery on a show car, as it has done for the past two seasons.

Can Red Bull clinch a fourth straight title with the RB20? Will the RB20 be as good as the RB19? Let us know your opinion in the comments.


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