Red Bull surprises F1 world bringing further improvement to dominant RB19 resulting in win-win situation

Red Bull came to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix of Formula 1 with several intriguing updates designed to enhance the performance of the already dominant RB19 car.

The alterations are primarily focused on the sidepods of the vehicle, where adjustments to the inlet’s shape and underbite have been made to optimize the flow to the radiators, coolers, and other internal components. As a result, the external flow stream is also expected to be affected by the changes.

To achieve this, Red Bull widened the aperture and raised the leading edge of the underbite, altering the aspect ratio while having a negligible effect on the volume.This leads to a mutually beneficial trade-off between the car’s cooling requirements and creating more room in the undercut beneath the sidepod, resulting in increased airflow to the rear of the vehicle.

Expanding the bodywork around the inlet has also resulted in subtle changes to the remaining geometry of the sidepod. This allows for better utilization of the additional space available in the undercut, improving both its physical interaction with the floor and their aerodynamic relationship.

To fully optimize this collaboration, the edge of the floor’s geometry and the aerodynamic elements mounted on it have also undergone subtle redesigns to enhance their performance.

In addition to the improvements made downstream, there is a further effort to maximize the benefits of the changes fully. The outer floor fence has been altered at the top edge to align the local airflow more effectively.The modifications extend to the rear brake duct fence, where one of the winglets has been divided into two to regulate the airflow in that area better.

Red Bull

Red Bull: Modifications for Azerbaijan Grand Prix Aim to Enhance Performance Despite Lack of Aero Testing

Despite the challenges presented by the Baku street circuit, Red Bull has not introduced new rear-wing variations with lower downforce. It is opting to continue using the highly effective solutions that have been successful this season.

It is expected that a similar configuration to the one utilized in Australia will be employed. This will feature the lower downforce rear wing option paired with the single-element lower beam wing.

Red Bull’s lack of aero testing is clearly affecting their performance, putting them at a disadvantage.

During Tech Talk today, Sam Collins highlighted the significant modifications made to the entire side of the vehicle. Meanwhile, other teams are still trying to comprehend Red Bull’s season-opening setup, while the team has already moved beyond that.

In conclusion, Red Bull‘s updates for the Azerbaijan Grand Prix represent a significant effort to enhance the performance of their already dominant RB19 car. The modifications to the sidepods and floor have been carefully designed to optimize airflow.

This also improves the car’s physical interaction with the track, and changes made to the brake duct fence will further manage the airflow in that region. While the lack of aero testing has undoubtedly hindered their progress. Red Bull’s continued success demonstrates its ability to adapt and excel under challenging circumstances.

(Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)

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