WATCH: Stephen Curry sends NBA Twitter into frenzy with unbelievable shot from tunnel

Stephen Curry has been long wowing the NBA fans with his on-court exploits. The Warriors star pulled out yet another rabbit out of the hat and fans in attendance did not miss out on recording the scene live.

Curry has been widely regarded the best 3-point shooter in the game by various pros of present and past, but his latest feat during warmups only reiterates those claims.

Stephen Curry curls 100ft shot from tunnel

Curry showcased his talent yet again during a recent pregame session. Before the match against the LA Clippers, the 4-time NBA Champion hit a shot with one hand from over 100 feet away. He walked towards the tunnel and all of a sudden turned around and sent the ball flying to the opposite hoop.

Fans in attendance let out a massive cheer when the ball travelled the entire court and dipped through the basket on the opposite side of the tunnel. He looked at the crowd and started jumping, pointing his index fingers at the ceiling with joy. The fans went gaga over it and why not? Although the Clippers won the game by 130-125, Stephen Curry’s shot stole the night.

This is not the first time the 2-time NBA MVP has stunned the NBA community with his pregame visuals. Previously he had scored in another pregame drill from 50-plus feet, but it was nothing in front of his exceptional 100-plus feet shot.

His inhuman display was not only limited to pregame as Stephen Curry created history by recording at least seven 3-pointers in four successive games. The 35-year-old will be facing New York Liberty’s point guard Sabrina Ionescu in a 3-point contest in the NBA All-Star weekend, and this was surely a teaser to what Curry can unleash.

Curry stunned the world with his hole-in-one shot

The Warriors star Steph Curry is not only great at far-ranged shots in the basketball court but also in the golf course. He once proved his supreme talent in the American Century Championship with a 152-yard par-three hole-in-one shot.

Hitting the shot he waited for a while and once he realized it went straight in the hole, he ran with utmost pleasure and ultimately landed on his back with a sigh of relief. It was the second time in his career that a shot got him eight points.

Curry said, “It was good contact, right at the stick, but even if you’re painting the flag and it looks good, you never really expect it to go in. I just saw a bunch of hands go up, and then you just kind of black out.”

Last year in June, in a charity match at Wynn Golf Club, the Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and TE Travis Kelce paired up against the Golden State Warriors guards Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Known as the Match, a yearly celebrity golf event raises money for various charities which has previously raised well over $35 million. The Chiefs stars were the dominant ones and won the game but Curry managed to raise $100,000 alone through his efforts.

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