Manchester United intend to squeeze Chelsea by pursuing Moises Caicedo following Mason Mount bid rejection

Transfer news of different players from all over the world is currently dominating the soccer news, and Manchester United is looking to add more salt to it.

United held a cavernous discussion with Chelsea to suit a potential move for Mason Mount. Unfortunately, the deal is looking to be collapsed because of the high transfer fee set by the club on the player. 

So they are looking for another choice to fill their wanting and now they are advancing towards another English club Brighton to sign their midfielder as a replacement for an English youngster.

Chelsea reject United’s third bid for Englishman

United is targeting to nourish their midfield area with a prolific star. In search of a midfielder, they advanced towards London at Chelsea. Man United wanted Mason Mount to put on their jersey and rule the pitch of iconic Old Trafford.

They held talks a number of times with Chelsea to pursue the English talent. Chelsea set a price tag of 70 million euro on the player. Manchester United is keen to sign the midfielder but not willing to meet the huge demand of the club.

Manchester United

Recently, United placed a third consecutive bid for pursuing the player although it is also rejected by Chelsea. In the latest, bid Manchester offered 55 million euros for the player. 

But the club want at least 65 million euros to let the player go to Old Trafford. United are not interested to provide such a huge amount for Mount, therefore they can go for further discussion if the Blues provide any worthwhile response.

United to walk away from Mount

As per the situation suggested, United are looking for an alternative to Mason Mount. Another major reason why Red Devils are not ready to provide such a big amount is that they are also wanting to cover other weak places in their squad.

As soon as the third bid from United is rejected, Red Devils again jumped into the market to search for a replacement for the English midfielder. They found Moises Caicedo of Brighton as a replacement for Mount.

This might be a trick for United to put compulsion on Chelsea, as Mount confirmed that he will not be going to extend his days at Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea had a deadline of 30th June of 2023 to sell Mount otherwise they have to lose the player on a free transfer.

In June of next year, Mount’s contract with Chelsea is going to expire. If Chelsea wants to get cash from him then they have to sell the player within the deadline. 

This could force Chelsea to sell the youngster to United if any other suitable offer does not come to them before time.  

What’s your opinion about the transfer, will Chelsea sell Mount at last to United or they will get a suitable offer before the deadline? comment your thought in the comment section below.   


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