UFC Jacksonville: Ilia Topuria and Josh Emmett earn $50k bonus on FOTN, David Onama & Maycee Barber also bag POTN

The electrifying main event at UFC Jacksonville not only delivered a memorable clash between Ilia Topuria and Josh Emmett, but it also earned them well-deserved recognition and financial rewards.

The fight was so captivating and action-packed that it was bestowed with the highly coveted “Fight of the Night” bonus, a testament to the raw talent and determination displayed by both warriors in the octagon.

Ilia and Josh showcased their indomitable spirits and relentless drive throughout the grueling five-round battle, leaving no doubt in the minds of the spectators that they had witnessed something truly extraordinary.

FOTN winners

The clash of fists, elbows, and kicks reverberated through the VyStar Arena in Jacksonville, Florida, as the fighters poured their hearts and souls into each exchange.

Ultimately, it was Topuria who emerged victorious, securing a unanimous decision and etching his name into the annals of UFC history.

In recognition of their awe-inspiring performance, both Topuria and Emmett were awarded a well-deserved $50,000 bonus, a fitting reward for their courage, skill, and unwavering determination to entertain the fans.

While the main event stole the show, the undercard was not devoid of exceptional moments. Maycee Barber, the co-headliner, delivered a blood-soaked spectacle against Amanda Ribas, culminating in a dramatic TKO victory.

POTN bout overview

The relentless exchange of strikes left both fighters with mangled noses. But it was Barber’s thunderous head kick that sent Ribas reeling, sealing her victory and earning her the esteemed “Performance of the Night” bonus.

Not to be outdone, featherweight contender David Onama left the audience in awe with a devastating knockout of Gabriel Santos.

The brutality of Onama’s strikes was unleashed in the second round, culminating in a ferocious blow that sent Santos crashing to the canvas.

The clock read 4:13 as the referee swiftly stepped in to stop the contest, granting Onama a well-deserved victory and the accompanying “Performance of the Night” bonus.

The thrilling fights at UFC Jacksonville captivated audiences worldwide, showcasing the indomitable spirit and skill of the fighters.

As the night drew to a close, Topuria, Emmett, Barber, and Onama basked in the glory of their accomplishments. Not only with their victories but also with the recognition and financial rewards bestowed upon them.

Their performances will undoubtedly be remembered as shining examples of the relentless pursuit of excellence within the UFC.

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