“Max didn’t have to violate Yuki in the start like that”: Max Verstappen mocks Yuki Tsunoda, regrets instantly following Japanese’s monstrous victory

Yuki Tsunoda got the better of Max Verstappen on a track. Not the news one would believe, but it is what transpired when both drivers took part in a friendly off-roading race with mega trucks weighing more than 700 kilograms. 

They raced in ‘mega trucks’, and the race track was a fully operational iron mine in Austria very proximate to the race track, which will host the GP this Sunday. The mega trucks were pumped with more than 500 horsepower, ranging from three metres in height to five metres in length.

Max Verstappen takes the wheels of a monster truck against Yuki Tsunoda

After having a trial lap around the track, which consisted of a jump ramp with demolished cars, a truck, a massive red bull can and bumpy roads. They were ready to conduct qualifying. Max Verstappen did win the pole position with an impressive time of three seconds faster than Tsunoda’s. 

Max was also seen engaging in friendly banter with the Alpha Tauri driver by starting the video with, “Today I will be racing with F1’s shortest driver“. As someone who has reportedly been seen as not one to do pranks, Max Verstappen is truly showing us his fun side, which we hope to explore more. 


Tsunoda ups one over Red Bull ace

Even though Max got the edge in qualifying, Tsunoda finished the race first as Max’s Mega Car had an issue with the acceleration and could not go as fast as he would have wished to. Yuki was seen saying it was one of his tricks as he poured water onto Max’s engine to sabotage his race.

Max Verstappen was quoted after the experience; “I’ve never really done anything properly off-road. I have driven my dad’s rally car, but that was more on the tarmac. Honestly, the approach of my qualifying lap was to survive! It was a lot of fun.” 

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I had a good start and used my momentum to the end. Unfortunately, he had a bit of misfiring…well actually I put a bit of water into his engine, but don’t tell anyone.” Tsunoda shared his thoughts on the experience. 

Max Verstappen and Yuki participated in this fun exercise while rumours of Red Bull racing intervened in Alpha Tauri’s business and shook things up. The Japanese International is performing well with some limitations due to his car, while Max Verstappen is acing this season with a 69-point lead over his teammate, 8 races in. 


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