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Max Kellerman takes a heavy toll on Tom Brady while he screams

Max Kellerman takes a heavy toll on Tom Brady

As a quarterback, Tom Brady is someone who does not like any inconsistency and penalty in the game. As a result, he gets on his teammates if they end up in such a terrible yardage situation. Last week, when the team was having a hard time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and they were called for five penalties on the possession, Brady was seen yelling like crazy. In the meantime, Max Kellerman takes a heavy toll on Tom Brady.

They committed three holding penalties, an unnecessary roughness, and offensive pass interference.

His voice was full of frustration to his teammates over the penalties, which actually caused the Buccaneers to lose two yards on the drive. Whatever Tom Brady said that day must have worked because the Patriots won that game 39-26 and didn’t lose a game for the rest of the regular season. In the end, the frustration and anger could actually work out for the Patriots.

Brady gave an interview on this issue, “There’s only one way to play the game, and it’s an emotional game. I think part of being a quarterback is making sure that everyone’s into it and there’s a level of concentration that you need on the road. … We haven’t been this happy in a long time.”

On this issue, Max Kellerman shared his insight through an interview that it was Tom Brady and it was quite obvious to face such a situation from him. While Max Kellerman takes a heavy toll on Tom Brady, Bruce Arians said that he does not have any issue with it and Tom has to be that Tom if he really wants to take control over the team as well as the score. 

But all we heard through training camp was how demanding Brady was of his teammates. He yelled he teased, he cajoled. He wasn’t afraid of getting in anyone’s face and telling them they were screwing up.

Surely, Tom has got the team in a compact form with this!

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