Max Verstappen’s father makes sly dig at Sergio Perez saying “don’t think he gets the chance often” following narrow win in Saudi Grand Prix

Jos Verstappen, father of Max Verstappen, made headlines after his comments about Red Bull’s other driver, Sergio Perez, following the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. Perez won the race by just over 5 seconds, with Max Verstappen finishing in second place.

In an interview after the race, Jos was asked about Max’s performance and how Perez had done. He responded, “Of course we all want to win, but that was not possible today. The margin was too small today. I don’t think he [Perez] gets the chance that often. He sees that too and then goes for it.

“It went against us in qualifying. Bad luck, I won’t go into that. We know what it is. Max just easily drives to that pole position. And then the race is a bit easier. Because we actually predicted it is quite difficult to come forward here. This is a track with long turns, it’s hard to make a difference there. We need more difficult circuits and more corners.”

Some interpreted this as a slight dig at Perez, implying that he doesn’t get many opportunities to win races. However, others have argued that Jos was simply acknowledging Perez’s talent and congratulating him on his victory.

It’s not the first time that Jos has been critical of Max’s teammates. He’s known for his protective attitude towards his son and has often spoken out against anyone who he perceives as a threat to Max’s position within the team. 

What happened with Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez during the race?

Both Red Bull racers were told to hold their pace on the last lap, but Max Verstappen began pushing for the fastest lap. This is where all the controversies started to arise.

The dynamic relationship between Max and Perez has been a topic of discussion throughout the years. While Max is widely regarded as one of the best drivers in the sport, Perez has faced criticism for his inconsistent performances.

But, despite the tension between Max and Perez at times, the two drivers have insisted that they have a good working relationship on multiple occasions. On a previous occasion, Perez said, “I’m very lucky to have a teammate like Max. He’s one of the best out there and I’m learning a lot from him.” Max echoed these sentiments, saying, “We work very well together as a team, and that’s what matters most.”

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