Max Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly sparks controversy with subtle jab at Sergio Perez following Saudi Grand Prix

Kelly Piquet, the girlfriend of Max Verstappen, has made new headlines with a subtle dig at Sergio Perez following the latter’s win in the Saudi Grand Prix.

It was predicted that the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix should have ended with a Red Bull 1-2. Yet, there was enough to speak about behind the scenes. After beginning on P15, Red Bull’s Dutch world champion Max Verstappen came second.

Climbing the ladder, on the other hand, was a problem he conquered by the 25th lap. For the remainder of the race, Max Verstappen’s biggest objective was chasing teammate Sergio Perez. The Dutchman couldn’t steal the victory from Perez, but he fought to the last end for the most points. Verstappen’s girlfriend, Kelly Piquet, welcomed Verstappen’s effort in digging into the Red Bull turmoil.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez
Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez

It is no secret that Red Bull prioritizes Verstappen at every chance. The Dutchman is clearly the team’s number one driver, and Perez bears the brunt of it periodically, for example, in Brazil in 2022. There has been clear friction between the two drivers since the incident in Brazil.

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Max Verstappen goes public with girlfriend

There hasn’t been any evident dispute between them since, but there are warning signs that things may be coming to a close soon. Verstappen was desperate for an additional point and stole the fastest lap from Perez on the final lap of the race. When this is combined with Jos Verstappen’s response to Perez’s victory, one may predict imminent disorder.

What did Max Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly Piquet say?

Kelly Piquet, Verstappen’s girlfriend, also weighed in with an Instagram story post applauding her boyfriend’s race. “What a drive,” she wrote. “And snatching that fastest lap,” she added in smaller text.

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Max Verstappen & his Girlfriend

The Brazilian model used the post to make a veiled jab at Sergio Perez who is presently Verstappen’s lone rival. Although few believe the Mexican driver to be a serious danger.

Tom Coronel summed up why he isn’t a threat to Verstappen in his analysis video on Viaplay, “You only have the chance of pole if Verstappen drops out. Let’s be very realistic for a moment: it’s about race pace. You drive fifty laps and race pace is managing your tires and checking how you handle them. We know that Pérez is not the strongest in this.”

The Mexican may have championship aspirations, but he will need to prove many people incorrect and significantly improve his play.

Do you think Perez and Max will reconcile? Or will they continue to oppose each other? Do you think Perez has what it takes to go all the way to win the championship? Let us know in the comments down below!

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