Red Bull’s Sergio Perez eyes on world title championship after Max Verstappen’s supremacy on circuits

Max Verstappen and Team Red Bull are both standing on the top spots of this year’s Formula One Championship, but Sergio Perez, 32, the driving partner of the Dutchman, has now been seen struggling with issues on and off the tracks since his last victory at Monaco.

The Mexican driver comes from a millionaire family, but his lack of luck kept him out of this year’s title race, making him optimistic about his future in F1.

How is Sergio Perez counting on a World Championship title in 2023?

The Singapore Grand Prix is approaching, and it’s looking more likely that Max Verstappen will successfully defend his F1 World Champion title this year. He now leads Charles Leclerc by 144 points and Sergio Perez by 153. After the Singapore Grand Prix is done, there will still be five races remaining in the season, but it seems likely that Max Verstappen will be crowned champion at the Marina Bay Street Circuit.

Fans might see this as a warning sign for Max Verstappen, who is on the verge of winning back to back Formula One World titles with Red Bull Racing, but Sergio Perez actually set his own goal ahead of next year’s F1 championship.

After winning in Monaco a few months ago, the Mexican driver is now out of the title race for a number of tactical and personal issues, which made him think a lot about his future with his current team. But thanks to the Red Bull authorities, who gifted Perez with another mid-term contract offer, which will keep him running for the same team until at least the end of 2023.

Although Checo’s role as a ‘Pay Driver’ in the team never really established himself as an outsider, he always had the ultimate faith in the team’s hierarchy in any situation whatsoever and again there was a time during this season when it appeared as though Perez could be a genuine title contender alongside Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc.

However, there’s really currently only one man who appears to be in position to win the championship, and that man is the other driver who competes for Red Bull  has discovered himself acting a bit-part in the competition as a consequence of the creation of the RB18, which has obviously been more suited to Max’s driving style. Meanwhile, Sergio has also had some tragedy in terms of dependability.

He has the impression that he is the same racer as the one who got this season off to a strong start, but it is quite evident that in order for him to win the championship in 2023, he will need to reset and attempt to find an additional level of performance which can be seen from one of his latest comment when he said, “I will change the cards on the table.”


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