Former UFC champion Anderson Silva’s reluctance to hang up his gloves comes as shocking revelation

UFC legend Anderson Silva aka “The Spider” is a Brazilian-American mixed martial artist and boxer. He has been at the top of the MMA world for more than 2 decades. He is a former UFC Middle weight Champion and holds the record for the longest title reign in UFC history. Dana white, Joe Rogan, and many mixed martial artist experts said Silva to be one of the best greatest mixed martial artists of all time .

Silva recently revealed to MMA’s Ariel Helwani that he plans to retire at the age of 49.  Despite Silva ( 47) revealing  that he has 2 years under his belt before he hangs up those gloves ,he is just as competitive and isn’t   still showing any signs of loosing his touch. He is still able to compete with fresh blood just as he when he was young.  

Silva still being in hot demand despite no longer being under the contract of The UFC  has impressed the authorities with his recent victories against  Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz.

He said he will still spar with new and young boxers, professional fighters, Olympic champions from the gym but he will not stretch his career as a professional .  He said he knows his limits and will retire when he is still in his prime . He wants to end as a legend where people remembered him as a great  not as someone who had thrown the towel when they were no longer able to continue.

Anderson Quoted- “When I’m done, I’m done,” he said. “I just close the door, this is part of my past, thank you, and I’m out. But right now, I’m good. I’m continuing doing something very good, doing sparring with good kids, professional fighters, Olympic champions.”

 He continued, “The guys have helped me a lot and I’m continuing doing something at the same level as the kids… I don’t know [if I’ll fight at 50]. I think I’ll do fighting with my grandchildren in the home… I think my last fight will be at 49. 49 is the number.”

The  magic number is just two years away for Silva, but he said he still had more he would like to accomplish in this time frame . He spoke about wanting to enter jiu-jitsu contests after  his next match. He explained how he had  loved to compete and  will always continue to test himself.


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