Michael Wilbon recalls Michael Jordan’s admiration for Tom Brady at Super Bowl 49 following Bucs QB’s retirement

Tom Brady retired on Wednesday. Following his retirement, many people across the globe, including athletes from other sports and TV personalities, have shared their moments with about the GOAT of the NFL.

Micheal Wilbon also shares a story of the legend in which the NBA GOAT, Micheal Jordan, was also involved. 

Tom Brady
Tom Brady and Micheal Jordan.

What does Micheal Wilbon share about Tom Brady and Micheal Jordan?

Wilbon, the co-host of “Pardon the Interruption,” shares his best Tom Brady memory in the show. However, his story of Brady does not involve the NFL legend being with him but Micheal Jordan!

According to the show’s co-host, He was sitting with Micheal Jordan the night before Super Bowl 49, where Brady’s Patriots were up against the defending champions- the Seahawks. All of a sudden, Ray Lewis came along and started to have a conversation with the two.

After taking “Basketball” for a while, Lewis shifts the discussion towards football and the Super Bowl. He asks both Jordan and Wilbon who they were rooting for, and because the Seahawks were the defending champions, Wilbon favored them.

Ray was pleased as he was also supporting Seattle. However, Micheal Jordan did not have the same team in mind. Even though the Seahawks were in prime form, he was backing the Patriots. The NBA legend supported the New England team for only one reason- Brady, the GOAT, was playing in the team. 

Lewis then tried to convince Jordan in an attempt to show why Seattle was the best pick, but Jordan being Jordan, did not listen to Ray and asked if he was willing to bet on it. Ray and Wilbon agreed, only to lose the following day.

After the game ended with the Super Bowl in Tom Brady’s hand, Jordan calls Micheal and laughs his lungs out over the phone before stating, “don’t ever bet against the GOAT. You don’t ever bet against Tom Brady!”Micheal Wilbon ends his story by saying that Jordan’s admiration of Tom Brady is his best memory of the GOAT quarterback. 

What is your best Tom Brady moment? You can share your opinion in the comments.


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