Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes discusses Tom Brady’s retirement, shrugging off accusation of flopping in effort to draw a flag vs Bengals in AFC championship game

Patrick will be in his third Super Bowl following an incredible season for the Chiefs. On Thursday, Mohomes joined the “First Things First” interview show, where he spoke about many things. However, Patrick Mahomes mainly talked about the Super Bowl, Tom Brady’s retirement, and winning the game against the Bengals. 

What did Patrick Mahomes say about playing with an ankle injury?

When Mahomes was asked how he managed to play the AFC games against the Bengals, even while having an ankle injury and not having a star player like Tyreek Hill, Patrick responded by saying that by taking responsibility, he became a better player and the absence of Hill helped him to “evolve as a quarterback in general.”

On the other hand, he did struggle with his ankle injury while playing against the Bengals, and Mahomes went on to say, “there was a couple times I tried to run, and I didn’t go anywhere.” However, it did not stop him from playing with his whole heart on the field.

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes is playing with an injured ankle.

What did Mahomes have to say about Brady?

In the show, Mahomes was called the Jordan of the NFL world when the topic shifted toward the newly retired Tom Brady and what made him so great; Patrick responded by saying, 

“He has a little bit of that Jordan in him. That will to win and that will to be the best. I think that’s what makes Tom so great. Even though he might not have the best arm or the best mobility, he’s still really good at both of those things.”

Mahomes also acknowledges that it will be difficult for him to reach Brady’s level as Tom played ten Super Bowls and won seven out of them. However, Mahomes does want to chase that insanely difficult dream and “win football games.”

Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady share a moment.

How did Mahomes respond to all the accusations against him?

Recently, many haters of Patrick, including an unnamed NFL, claimed that Mahomes flopped in an attempt to draw a flag. Patrick addressing the issue, Shrugged it off, saying,  

“You get over there with the heaters and the benches and people. That’s where, a lot of times, people get hurt. I think that’s the reason why there’s a flag for getting pushed out of bounds like that late.”

On the 12th of February, Sunday, Mahomes and his Chiefs will face the destructive folks of Eagles. Will they prevail from the claws of the Eagles’ defeat and emerge as the champions? Time will tell.


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