Mike Tyson makes brutally honest assessment on ”love and commitment”

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson says love is the commitment you show especially when you feel reluctant to be committed. 

Mike Tyson has been around the blocks. He is considered one of the greatest heavyweight boxers of all time. Tyson did not necessarily have the ideal childhood. A common narrative found in these types of upbringings is that the child often pursues a career in fighting or boxing to regulate his emotions- especially anger.

Tyson is not necessarily that different. He had to struggle much in his childhood, but this made him stronger in his boxing career, especially on the mental side of things.  For people who have gone through such predicaments in life, they appear to learn things the hard way. At the same time, there is a pinch of wisdom in them that is not necessarily present in everyone else.

Recently, “Iron” Mike has shared some of his wisdom on Twitter. Tyson, who is the youngest boxer ever to win a heavyweight title said, ” Love is total commitment especially when you don’t feel like being committed.”

If we had to break it down, we can do it from two perspectives:

From a relationship perspective, there will be days when you are not on the same page as your partner. But that does not mean that you get to violate the sanctity of your relationship just because things are falling into place as you might want it. This is applicable for both you and your partner.

This ideology can also be applied to when you are working hard to achieve something. If you take boxing for example, this is a sport where you have to dedicate everyday to train yourself. But there will be days when you feel like quitting, but those are the days when you have to remain committed to the cause.

We can integrate what Tyson into various aspects of our lives. This will be particularly applicable in areas where we have to showcase patience, and loyalty to a particular cause.

Tyson has recently seen charges against him dropped for hitting a fan on an airplane.


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