Draymond Green Warns Charles Barkley On Going After Warriors’ Fans In Heated Exchange

Charles Barkley is someone who is never tired in engaging word clash. Sir Charles seems to be engaged in a fuss with the warriors fans during the Western Conference finals between Golden State Warriors and Dallas Mavericks in recent past. Draymond Green has shown yesterday night that if one person is going to stand up for Warriors fans, it’s going to be him.

Barkley seems to hate the fans of the Warriors and took the side of the Dallas Mavericks, cheering the Mavs during the Western Conference finals between Golden State Warriors and Dallas Mavericks, which added some more fuels to the burning beef.

Draymond Green took Charles Barkley as he continues his beef with Dub Nation ahead of Friday’s Western Conference finals Game 2. The Warriors forward took the fans side trolling Barkley saying the Warriors fans got more rings than Chuck!

However, recent heated feud between the former league MVP and now TNT analyst for the show of inside the NBA, Charles Barkley and the Dub nation is getting more and more by time. Barkley is firing word bombs continuously towards the Dub Nation, This time Draymond Green came up as the representative of the fans and fired Barkley back literally trolling him.

When Draymond Green was asked by the Chuck:

“why are you shooting the ball in warmups and you never shoot it in the game?”

Draymond replied fiercely: 

“I shoot it when I have to, Chuck. “I shoot it when I have to when I have to win championships. Also, Chuck, you’re not going to keep going at our fans.

But Barkley seemed to be cool when he replied

“Let me tell you. I’m gonna keep going at these fans, I promise you that. They’re gonna get all the smoke you want, my brother.”

After that Draymond took a hand of barkley saying

  “They got more rings than you, Chuck.”

Barkley looked absolutely fine answering,  “I know they do, but they gotta go back to their life. I’m gonna go home and be Charles Barkley. I’m gonna feel pretty good about my life.”

“You got a pretty good life. I want your life, too, Chuck.” Green mentioned ending the conversation. 



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