‘You Suck Too’ Charles Barkley Strikes Back At Warriors Crowds ‘Chuck You Suck’ Chants

Former league MVP Charles Barkley was seen engaging word-clash in Wednesdays Inside the NBA live show during the Western Conference finals between Golden State Warriors and Dallas Mavericks. Barkley as the crew of Inside The NBA traveled to San Francisco to film their show live outside the venue Oracle arena for the match.

The Dubs won against the Mavs by a big 112-87 margin on Wednesday where TNT’s inside the NBA panelist took Mavs side prior to the match repeatedly chanting in front of the warriors crowd “Let’s go Mavs”

Ironically after the Mavs 25 point margin loss to the Warriors, Barkley said “It wouldn’t be wise to overreact to the Mavericks’ wide margin loss”. This time, “Dubs” fans took advantage of the opportunity and rapid back Barkley by chanting  “Barkley sucks” following every time he started the conversation during post-match analysis. 

Barkley got no chill to get into it with Warriors fans and fired back saying: “Hey, you’re right, and y’all suck too!”. But everyone must know that Charles is not serious about the comments made by him and its just for the purpose of fun out of these.

In fact, Barkley himself made it clear when he said: “I love doing that, let’s go!”


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