“I’m Gonna Come To Your House and F—K Your Mama” Charles Barkley Fumes at Warriors Fans for Annoying Him

The round mound of rebound Charles Barkley never mind to rebuke his words throughout his career. Sir Charles continuing such an analyst, Barkley has always shown zero misery to speak out of his head.

Something he is known for is repeated by the rebound star on Wednesday night during the Inside the NBA live show. Barkley as the Inside The NBA crew traveled to San Francisco to film their show live outside Oracle arena during the Western Conference finals Golden State Warriors Game 1 win over the Dallas Mavericks.

During a commercial break, Golden State Warriors fans was throwing a lot of hate comments towards Barkley and the star didn’t take it too kindly to one fan. Barkley roared out crushing him with words and literally threatened him with obscene words.

“If you don’t leave me alone, I’m going to come to your house and f—k your mama.” “Chuck” threw his word bomb to that individual. 

“Chuck” is absolutely ruthless interacting with the fans as always. This time it was prior to the Warriors win, another reason of the fans hate comments came, especially with Draymond Green being present at the show. 

The Warriors’ fans hate for Charles is indeed for a reason for that Charles picked the Mavericks to win and go to the NBA Finals. Prior to the match he took the crowd of the Dubs fans and chanted repeatedly before them saying “Let’s go Mavs”

However, everyone knows that his comments are not meant be offended and “Chuck” is not serious about the comments he made and he just make fun out of these, when he said:

“I love doing that, let’s go!”


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