Mike Tyson’s rape case after prison release was backed up by Donald trump

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson his fair share of controversies but his worst has to be the allegations of rape against him for which he was in jail for 6 years. The world and the media had turned their back on Iron Mike but an unlikely person stood up for him even though the court ruled against the boxer.

Out of all people, Iron Mike was backed up by none other than WWE Hall of famer and the former United States President Donald J Trump during his incarceration.

On an episode of the David Letterman show, Donald Trump said that  Iron Mike Tyson had the worst defense lawyer he had ever seen and he was wrongfully accused and later convicted by a woman who had a history of false accusations.

Trump did not like the fact that the superstar like Mike was locked up inside the jail house for a crime that he did not commit. Trump was the only supporter of Mike Tyson during that time period he was backed up and supported by Trump throughout his time inside the jail house.

But iron Mike had been released from prison just after 6 years of a 50 year sentence for his continuous good behavior and change in approach to life. 

Mike Tyson revealed in his old age that he is glad that all the bad things that happened, happened to him because it allowed him to become a better man.


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