MMA star predicts Israel Adesanya will win in rematch against Alex Pereira at much anticipated UFC 287

The highly-anticipated UFC 287 main event on Saturday will see middleweight champion Alex Pereira defend his title for the first time against former titleholder Israel Adesanya.

In his Timbo Sugar Show on YouTube, top bantamweight challenger Sean O’Malley recently offered his thoughts on the championship bout and picked who he believes would win.

When questioned who he was choosing, O’Malley replied, “Izzy, let’s get it Izzy.” He then went on to speculate that Adesanya would come out and wrestle, employing a couple of good takedowns, to put Pereira on his back and get him thinking.

Israel Adesanya

The Black Belt Battle: O’Malley’s Insights on Alex Pereira vs Israel Adesanya Rematch

O’Malley noted that Pereira managed to take down Adesanya in the second round and end up on top, but Adesanya took Pereira down in the next round and took his back.

However, O’Malley thinks that if Adesanya doesn’t have really good top pressure, Pereira will be able to get out of submission holds and escape.

“Different levels of ‘black belt’ jiu-jitsu exist,” O’Malley declared. “Being really good in the UFC means being able to do everything, not just in the gym but also in the ring.”

Although O’Malley admits he doesn’t know who will win, he confidently placed his bets on Adesanya for the rematch.

“Who knows? You never f**king know. Some people have really good little things that they show in the gym. It’s never really been done in a fight but they’re really good at it in the gym. They hit it a lot, but they’ve never done it in a fight,” O’Malley joked.

UFC 287 Rematch: Anticipation Reaches Fever Pitch as O’Malley Weighs In on Pereira vs Adesanya Showdown

As the countdown to UFC 287 main event on Saturday continues, the anticipation for the championship matchup between middleweight champion Alex Pereira and former titleholder Israel Adesanya reaches a fever pitch.

The speculation over who will win the fight only intensifies as top bantamweight contender Sean O’Malley weighs in. O’Malley is betting on Adesanya, confident that he will employ his wrestling skills to put Pereira on his back and outmaneuver him.

But as O’Malley asserts, there are always shocks and stunners in the ring, and anything can happen. Fans will have to wait and watch who comes out on top in this remarkable rematch, but one thing is sure: the UFC 287 prime event is certainly going to be a spectacle to remember.


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