NBA legend Paul Pierce claims Grizzlies ‘wasn’t going to the playoffs’ with or without Ja Morant

The Memphis Grizzlies have been performing well, particularly with Ja Morant leading the team. In a recent episode of “The Ticket and the Truth” podcast, hosted by NBA legends Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, the discussion revolved around the Grizzlies’ season and the significant contributions of their star player, Ja Morant.

Despite a brief comeback spurred by Ja Morant’s return from suspension, resulting in a four-game winning streak, Paul Pierce expressed skepticism about the Memphis Grizzlies’ playoff prospects on the podcast.

Paul Pierce drops harsh truth on Grizzlies, Ja Morant

Boston Celtics’ legend Paul Pierce is an NBA icon known for his straightforward remarks. During a particular segment of an episode of “The Ticket and the Truth”, he made a bold statement regarding the Memphis Grizzlies’ postseason prospects.

“They wasn’t going to the playoffs this year” he declared, completely dismissing the impact of Morant’s, return. Pierce argued that the team’s position in the league’s standings was way too far behind to mount toward a successful comeback as “They got too much ground to cover.”

He also drew an example of himself being in a track race with Usain Bolt, with a 2 laps head start. “He’s not gonna catch me,” said Pierce, trying to emphasize his point that the Grizzlies wouldn’t be making it to the playoffs with or without Morant as they are “Two laps behind.”

On the other hand, Kevin Garnett, Pierce’s former teammate and co-host, provided a more optimistic view on the Grizzlies. He highlighted Ja Morant’s positive influence on the team’s dynamics and morale.

While acknowledging the player’s talent and importance for the team, Pierce stood firm on his prediction, suggesting that the Grizzlies were already too far off the mark. However, he proposed that Morant’s injury, while unfortunate, might provide an opportunity for the team to regroup and focus on the coming seasons.

What’s Grizzlies current playoff picture look like?

The Grizzlies’ turnaround started with Morant’s remarkable performance in his first game back after a 25-game suspension. He single-handedly led them to victory after trailing by 24 points, sparking a four-game winning streak that brought a glimmer of hope for a playoff run.

Despite Ja’s impressive averages of 23.6 points, 7.9 assists, and 5.5 rebounds in the last 10 games, the team’s overall record remains a concern. After a brief surge in form, they lost four out of their next five games, leaving them with a record 12 games below .500.

As the season reaches its midpoint, the Grizzlies’ playoff prospects remain uncertain, bordering on unlikely. Unlike previous seasons, the team is facing a challenging period, currently occupying the 13th seed in the Western Conference.

Climbing to the 10th seed for a chance at the Play-In Tournament seems to be quite difficult for the team at the moment. Historical data indicates that the 10th seed in the West usually secures around 40 wins. This implies that the Grizzlies would need to win approximately 30 of their remaining 48 games to have a shot at competing for the playoffs.

Despite the odds that are stacked against them, the team’s resilience and fighting spirit cannot be denied. With their star guard Ja Morant out for this entire season, they have shown glimpses of their potential to compete at the highest level.

However, the question still remains: Can they overcome the odds and secure a playoff berth, or has the early-season struggle left them with too much ground to cover? Let us know what you think in the comments down below!

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