“Never forgive y’all for making him the laughingstock” Zion Williamson’s fans lash out at critics questioning his commitment following horrific foot injury

New Orleans’ standout power forward Zion Williamson is finally set to return for the upcoming season after missing all of 2021-22 with a devastating foot injury. But the cost he has summoned for staying off the court this long is heavy and demands much vigor to face.

Until recently nobody from the NBA universe probably could even imagine the ever-lively young forward undergoing traumatic days.

In an interview, the No.1 pick of 2019 shared his series of depressions in the last season. Williamson had to listen to people say he wasn’t dedicated enough to the league alongside dealing with remarks that questioned his fitness level.

The 22-year-old unfolded his inner thoughts, “I was in dark places at times because I couldn’t play basketball.” “I could only do limited rehab things. And then just seeing how the world reacted? It took a lot. It did a lot on my spirit,” the disheartened star player continued. 

After the overwhelming disclosure of genuine feelings by Zion, who is often compared with Michael Jordan for his reverent tactics on the court, the Orleans fans made enormous comments on social platforms reflecting goodwill and tenderness. 

A fan standing firm beside the “Zanos”, mentioned, “I will never forgive y’all for making him the laughingstock of the NBA for dealing with an injury.” Being solely compassionate, another Pelicans fan wrote, “Bruh couldn’t go on social media without seeing 157 fat jokes a day – I’m sure that can’t be easy.” 

The Pelicans formidable forward surpassed MJ as the fastest player in NBA history to score 2,000 points, that too in less than 80 games. Zion’s averages of 27 points per game and 7.2 rebounds have solidified his place as one of the NBA’s elite players. There is nothing to brag about when the critics put such a legendary player in darkness with their vile reports. 

Williamson, who committed to the Pelicans in the offseason by signing a five-year, $193 million worth rookie agreement, can be bet on to steal the thunder of this upcoming season. His zeal to prove the analyst wrong shall act as a driving force for the club.

The league awaits to witness the Pelicans face off against the Nets on 19th October.

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