Neymar ignores question concerning Kylian Mbappe following Brazil’s thrashing victory vs Ghana

Brazilian superstar Neymar Jr, 30, provides one of the best sets of skills for Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1, alongside Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe, but his difficult relationship with his French counterpart has recently sparked a number of future debates.

In the wake of Brazil’s friendly match victory against African powerhouse Ghana, the Brazilian forward once again expressed his weird attitude towards Mbappe, which was captured by an enthusiastic journalist at Stade Oceane in France.

Why did Neymar turn a blind eye to the journalists?

Although spending a six-year period together might be a long time for both Neymar and Mbappe, the Brazilian megastar did not seem to be much happier with the French talisman, and the same thing is happening with Kylian, as they are both now going through a pretty hectic period of relationship on and off the field.

Following the mediation of Sergio Ramos in the PSG dressing room, Messi’s main attacking partners in Paris are in a state of utter disrespect towards each other, which can be seen from last night’s post-match conference at Le Havre, where Neymar tactically avoided the question of his relationship with Mbappe.

Famous soccer correspondent Fabrizio Romano also noticed this and thus shared the above shithousery of Pele’s successor who made a caption by tweeting, “Here’s Neymar when asked about Kylian Mbappé after Brazil game tonight.”

Despite winning the match against Ghana, only Marquinhos and Richarlison managed to score goals, but they were given special assists by their skipper, who was in the ultimate spotlight because of his awesome form throughout the season.

Fans might see this atmosphere as a distressful aspect because PSG’s team is so good that they are just a step above all of their Ligue 1 competitors and routinely destroy opponents on the weekend and even though it can seem like everything is peaches and rainbows, the scenario is complicated by the protagonists’ big egos. Apart from that, Neymar has also been observed displaying obvious annoyance that Mbappe missed the chance to pass him the balls in crucial moments of the game.


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