Neymar catches Cristiano Ronaldo and Romario in achieving modern history milestone

Brazilian superstar Neymar jr. playing for PSG has reached to a milestone that only two others player could do in football history. Playing against Metz on Saturday amid Kylian Mbappe signing new contract, PSG won 5-0 with a hat trick marked by Mbappe but Neymar also made history.

The Brazilian star with his goal on Saturday took a step that only Cristiano Ronaldo and Romairo of his fellow countrymen have reached throughout their careers. Along with them, Neymar has become the only third player in football history to score more than 100 goals with three different clubs.

Neymar who played previously for Santos and Barcelona FC scored 136 goals in 225 appearances for Santos. At Barcelona, ​​he scored 105 goals in 186 games. And finally, Neymar scored his 100th goal in 144th game for PSG yesterday. 

Though Neymar is way far from the numbers of those two players but he still can sit on the same table as they do by this landmark. However, there is one stat in which Neymar does surpass any other footballer who ever lived.

Apart from those 100+ goals for three different clubs, Neymar has also assisted 50+ times for the same clubs. This feat has never been achieved by any modern era footballer before him. It’s also very likely that no other player will ever, given Neymar’s reach as a player.

The Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo achieved this landmark playing for Real Madrid, Manchester United and Juventus FC. He scored 450, 118 and 100 goals playing for Real Madrid, Manchester United and Juventus respectively. While his fellow compatriot Romario got these numbers for PSV Einhoven, Vasco da Gamma and Flamengo. 


Neymar is also likely to finish as Brazil’s top scorer and top assist provider in upcoming future. Maybe it’s time to put some respect on Neymar’s name and appreciate what he’s done for the sport of football. We might never get to experience a player with his set of skills and versatility.


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