Jayson Tatum Injury Update: Celtic Star exits to locker room during Game 3 vs Heats, Twitter Outbursts as “faking shoulder injury”

Boston Celtics star Jayson Tatum is the third player to suffer an injury during the Eastern conference finals between Boston Celtics and Miami Heat. Tatum got his right shoulder hurt in the fourth quarter when Heat guard Victor Oladipo stripped the ball away from him. Tatum trying to get the ball back was failed and suffered the injury on his shoulder.

The game was still going on with Tatum laying in the ground. Jaylen Brown got a block on the defensive end and completed a 3 point play after getting fouled on a shot. The foul allowed Tatum to leave the game.

Luckily for the Boston Celtics, Tatum was able to comeback to the court minutes later shaking off the injury. Head coach Ime Udoka explained Tatum’s injury as a stinger, which is far more profound than how it originally looked by the expression made by him.

Jason Tatum explained after the defeat that what happened on the play and why he briefly left the court.

“My neck got caught in a weird position,” “Obviously, I went down. I felt some pain and discomfort in my neck and down my arm. Went and got it checked on. I started to gain some feeling back, got it checked by the doctors and decided to give it a go.”

However, the fans including experts are bursting in the social media saying that Jason Tatum faked this injury to hide his miserable performance in the game. Lou Merlini took it to the Twitter and said Tatum is faking an injury.

“What an embarrassing night for Tatum. He wasn’t good. Faked an injury because he turned it over AGAIN. Got called out by Van Gundy on National television. Returned to the game and was awful. The man better show up the rest of the series or this is damaging.”

The argument is however well supported by the fact that Game 3 was his worst game of the postseason thus far as he scored only 10 points while shooting 3 of 14 from the floor. He turned the ball over six times.


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