NFL Exec expresses concern on Panthers’ QB Bryce Young’s ability to survive in the league ahead of 2023 NFL season: “Bryce is going to get killed”

The upcoming 2023 NFL season is filled with anticipation as teams gear up to compete for the ultimate prize. Among the teams generating buzz is the Carolina Panthers. The team recently selected Bryce Young as their quarterback. 

However, concerns have emerged regarding Young’s ability to survive in the league, with an anonymous AFC personnel executive expressing worry about the quarterback’s future. This comment has sparked discussions and raised questions about his readiness for the challenges that lie ahead.

NFL Executive’s Concern on Bryce Young

The comment from the AFC personnel executive, as reported by Heavy senior NFL reporter Matt Lombardo, emphasizes the importance of Young’s performance in determining the success of head coach Frank Reich in his first year with the Panthers. 

Bryce Young

The executive raises concerns about the quarterback’s potential vulnerability on the field, stating, “I worry that Bryce is going to get killed — like, smashed.” This statement suggests that the executive doubts Young’s ability to withstand the physical demands and intense competition of the NFL.

How Tall is Young?

One factor contributing to the concerns about Young is his size. Standing at 5-foot-10 and weighing 204 pounds, the quarterback is smaller compared to many other quarterbacks in the league. This matter has been under discussion a lot of times. However, despite his stature, the Panthers selected him with the first overall pick. This move indicates that the team has confidence in his abilities.

Bryce Young

What sets the quarterback apart is not his physical attributes but rather his mental fortitude and football acumen. These qualities will serve as his guiding force on the field and provide a counterbalance to the potential physical challenges he may face.

Young’s ability to process information quickly and make intelligent decisions aligns well with the play-calling prowess of coach Frank Reich. With a well-designed offensive strategy and the quarterback’s proficiency in executing it, the Panthers aim to keep the ball moving swiftly and effectively.

Only time will reveal whether Young can overcome any perceived limitations and prove his worth as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

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