Cam Newton on Sexist Comments: ‘I Never Once Had This Sexist Mentality’ Former MVP Explains His Words Being Used ‘Out of Context’

Cam Newton, the former NFL MVP has released a video online explaining his “sexist” remarks about women in a video recently posted on his YouTube channel. Newton says that his comments were taken out of context and he should have explained himself in-depth.

Newton, the star NFL quarterback, came under fire in early April after making some contentious remarks about women and their roles in relationships. As a result, a number of people in the sports world retaliated against him.

The issue happened when Newton discussed the woman’s place in society during an interview on the Barstool Sports Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast.

Notably, Cam Newton is the father of seven children and says he is unconcerned about the criticism since he is aware of his own feelings. He stated, “I never sought to denigrate or diminish the power of women in America.” He was quoted saying “I never once had this sexist mentality”. Cam kept emphasizing the fact that his comments were misplaced and the media used out-of-context words against him. 

Previously in 2017, Newton made “sexist” remarks about a female reporter. He was caught saying “It was funny to hear women speaking knowledgeably about football”. This comment earned him a widespread backlash from the sporting community.

Newton was forced to apologize due to the comments he made. This most recent “sexist” remark was taken out of context from the whole interview and has been used by the media to defame him, said Newton in his video. 



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