NFL rumors: Jets’ GM Joe Douglas sets the record straight on Aaron Rodgers trade and no plans to pursue Lamar Jackson

The Aaron Rodgers saga appears to be coming to an end after the New York Jets are finally in talks with the Green Bay Packers, and Joe Douglas suggests the situation is heading in the right direction for now.

After returning from a four-day sabbatical, Aaron finally opened up about his future and expressed his desire to go to New York. Subsequently, the Jets picked up the Packers’ legendary quarterback as they were pursuing another star, Lamar Jackson.

However, recently, the Jets’ general manager, Joe, revealed their intention to go after a star quarterback for the next season.

What did Joe Douglas say about their interest?

For weeks, the two parties—the Jets and the Packers—have been negotiating over Aaron Rodgers trade, and it seems they are moving forward toward a fruitful outcome from this. During the league annual meeting on Monday, the Jets’ GM shared his intention for the 39-year-old star.

“Obviously, we’re not where we need to be yet, but I feel like we’re in a good place,” Douglas said. “There’s no hard deadline for a trade. There’s not a ton of urgency from our standpoint right now. But still very optimistic.”

With that statement, it’s now clear that the Jets are no longer interested in going after Baltimore Ravens star Lamar Jackson. “First of all, Lamar Jackson is a fantastic player, but where we stand, it would be disingenuous and negotiating in bad faith if we went down that path,” the 46-year-old confirmed.

Earlier in that day, their head coach, Robert Saleh, also indicated something like that. “I’m confident that things are going to work out. You guys know me. I’m a very positive person and optimistic,” Robert said, being optimistic. “So I’m confident that things will go the way we’re hoping.”

The 1968 Super Bowl champions are currently going with a 23-year-old, Zach Wilson, as their starting cornerback for two seasons. Now they think it’s a suitable time for him to take the back seat and learn from a star like Rodgers.

Do you think Aaron Rodgers can bring significant change to the Jets’ performance next season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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