“You ain’t going to the Super Bowl” Ex-Packers star LeRoy Butler gives brutally honest opinion on Aaron Rodgers’ transfer to Jets

The Green Bay Packers superstar Aaron Rodgers‘ joining the New York Jets enthralled many of the fans, but unlike most of them, Leroy Butler urged them to see the reality of the Jets.

The Packers quarterback is going through a lot of drama to join a new franchise after spending 18 years in Green Bay. Speculations related to his new destiny are another story that the fans are devouring, but finally, it seems he is going to land in New York.

Having a great quarterback like Aaron is always entertaining and compelling, but another Packers star, Leroy, isn’t much more hopeful for the Jets yet.

What did Leroy Butler say about Aaron Rodgers joining the Jets?

The 54-year-old strong safety doesn’t get excited for the Jets as they are getting the 2010 Super Bowl MVP. “Listen, you can blindfold Aaron and leave him flat-footed; he’ll hit a mosquito. The arm talent is there,” he told the Jets fans.

“I’m going to say this: I was on a Super Bowl team that went to two Super Bowls, actually. Your team’s got to be close,” the four-time pro bowler said. “I don’t know if he’s going to be there to go to the club with Bryce Hall. You never know if he’s willing to put in that work.”

“Come on, Jets. Ya’ll were 6-11 last season; I know ya’ll beat us; you ain’t going to the Super Bowl,” Butler concluded with a plain prediction. He doesn’t think the 39-year-old veteran quarterback is going to bring radical change to the team.

The Jets have won only one Super Bowl, the third edition of the event in 1968, and since then they couldn’t even make an appearance at the game. Moreover, for the last 12 years, they couldn’t qualify for the postseason in any way.

The Packers have a bitter history with the Jets, as the latter has beaten them nine times in their 14 matchups. Leroy himself had experience with the contest, but he predicts the Jets will only win eight games in the next season.

What’s your opinion on the Jets’ dream to win their second Super Bowl? Do you agree with Leroy Butler? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. 

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