“Dogfaced motherf*****r” Welterweight title contender Colby Covington brutally mocks Khamzat Chimaev during UFC 286 press conference

Colby Covington was prepared to serve as the backup fighter for the main event of UFC 286, which featured Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman going head-to-head. Colby took a shot at his welterweight rival Khamzat Chimaev during the press conference, despite the fact that they did not have to actually fight.

The last time we saw the American in action was at last year’s UFC 272. The 35-year-old fighter beat Jorge Masvidal by unanimous decision. In London, if either of the main event competitors got injured, “Chaos” was ready to step in.

What made Colby Covington mock Khamzat Chimaev?

This week, ‘Chaos’ appeared at one of the news conferences for the London event and, as usual, he started causing complete and utter chaos with the mike. Note that Khamzat has previously claimed that Colby does not challenge the best fighters in the world. The former title challenger may have taken issue with the accusations of cowardice.

“The guy [Khamzat Chimaev] is a quitter. He quit from the common cold. He retired when they gave him the best services in the UFC PI. The best freaking doctors and everything to make the weight against the easiest fight in the division. The soy boy, Nate Diaz, and he still couldn’t make weight.” said Colby.

Colby, who is now ranked second among fighters in the welterweight division, has been engaged in a verbal brawl with the Swedish fighter. A confrontation between the two of them is definitely on the horizon. But Colby brought up Borz’s most recent bout, in which he was supposed to take on Nate Diaz but instead faced Kevin Holland as he didn’t manage to make the required weight.

“That dog-faced motherf**ker c*mshot [Khamzat Chimaev]. He said all these things about me in the media. He had the easiest fight in the division against Nate Diaz and he still missed weight by 9 pounds. He’s laughing it off like it’s a f*ing Joke. He’s a f*ing joke, the guy sucks at fighting he’s unprofessional” Colby added.

Following Leon Edwards’ successful title defense against Kamaru Usman at UFC 286, UFC president Dana White stated that the welterweight champion will be facing Colby Covington next.

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