Watch: Aaron Rodgers gives exclusive interview first time since return from darkness retreat

Aaron Rodgers has finally reappeared from his popular four-day ‘darkness retreat’ which was supposed to be a sabbatical for his future career in the NFL. As much as I want to say, ‘the prodigal son returns,’ perhaps it is best to refrain.

The 2022–2023 NFL season wasn’t anywhere near acceptable for the Green Bay Packers and their veteran quarterback Aaron Rodgers. With the disappointing season ending and being knocked out before the postseason, both parties are at a crossroads in their futures together.

Which compelled the quarterback to come to a decision; Aaron took a sabbatical to decide whether or not to play for the Packers.

What’s the aftermath of Aaron Roger’s ‘darkness retreat’?

In the meantime, there were a handful of speculations going around regarding the 39-year-old’s next move. The fans, former professionals, and analysts gave their varied opinions on the possible three choices in front of the Packers’ QB: continue as the Packers, trade, or retire.

Though, Rodgers finally opened his mouth and provided the long-anticipated decision that the NFL community was waiting for. In an exclusive interview, which is yet to be published, the 2010 Super Bowl winner revealed his desire.

Aubrey Marcus, a well-known YouTuber, obtained the exclusive interview following A-Rod’s return from a four-day ‘darkness retreat’ and released a teaser for his podcast. Previously, the podcaster himself went through such an experience and showed his interest in what Aaron is finally feeling.

“You’re out of the black. Not too many people I know have done that jersey,” Marcus asked the 10-time pro bowler. “..and just kind of let whatever was going to come in, come in…and…it did,” he said. “A lot of great contemplation around, You know, how I show up in the world.”

“You know I spent parts of a couple of the days imagining what it would be like to retire and then imagining what it would be like to continue to play,” Rodgers shared his insight in the exclusive podcast.

The full interview is going to be published on Wednesday night, and till then we have to hold our nerve a little bit more.

The Packers, on the other hand, have yet to sit down with their 18-year-old long-serving athlete. Which might let anyone believe they are finally going to part ways. Even in the teaser, he only talked about two options, leaving the future with the packers unspoken.

What do you think Aaron Roger’s decision would be? Where do you want to see him? We’ll know for sure after tonight; in the meantime, stay tuned to SportsZion and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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