Ex-NFL star urges Aaron Rodgers to take inspiration from Russell Wilson and continue his career with Packers

Aaron Rodgers has completed 18 consecutive seasons for the Green Bay Packers in the American top-tier football league, the NFL, and now faces a career crisis as both parties appear to be parting ways beginning next season.

Being loyal to one team for your whole career is an enormous honor, which is gradually declining these days. Very few people in the whole sports industry have obtained ‘one team man’ and Aaron Rodgers is one of them. but in reality, the relationship seems to have ended now.

However, in contrast to the rest of the world, former athlete Jason Smith has expressed a very different viewpoint and firmly believes in his assessment of the Packers quarterback’s future.

What was Jason Smith’s suggestion for Aaron Rodgers’ future?

Jason openly encouraged the veteran quarterback to continue his journey with the Packers, emphasizing his point of view on a recent trade that went awry for a star quarterback. He mentioned Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson and his wrong decision to leave the Seattle Seahawks.

Naturally, there are three ways for Rodgers to go: retire, play for the Packers, or join another team. “But after today, and the report on Russell Wilson, I’ve changed my mind a bit,” the sports analyst said. “What have we seen in the times since Wilson went from Seattle to Denver?”

“If I’m Aaron Rodgers watching this, I’m thinking, ‘Man, look at all of these stories that have gotten out about Russell Wilson that I wouldn’t want to get out,'” Smith calls out the 2010 Super Bowl champion. “Rodgers sees this, and thinks, ‘is this going to happen to me?'”

aaron rodgers
Aaron Rodgers discusses the future following Packers’ early playoff exit

“I don’t think Aaron Rodgers wants any of this stuff to follow him if he were to go to another team,” the 36-year-old concluded with his explanation, and there was no denying it in his argument.

What happened to Russell Wilson at Denver Broncos?

Wilson struggled mightily with the Broncos, scoring only 16 touchdowns while passing for 3,524 yards with a 60.5% completion rate and an 84.4 passer rating. His demotion was also reflected in the team’s 4-11 record this season, which landed them at the bottom of the AFC West.

russell wilson
Russell Wilson gets depressed for not playing and goes to a casino to forget his troubles. (credit: Marca)

The quarterback arrived in Denver with a resume that included a nine-time pro bowl selection, NFL passer rating leader, passing touchdowns leader, Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year, and the Seattle Seahawks’ only Super Bowl ring in nine years.

However, Aaron’s situation is quite different, as the 39-year-old is already in his declining form, and even his mindset has become somewhat off for the next season. In my opinion, it’s better for him to move somewhere else to make a prestigious finish to his illustrious career.

What do you think about Aaron Rodgers’ future? Do you agree with Jason Smith? or should the legend finally leave the franchise? Leave your opinions with us in the comments.


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