NFL world reacts to Raiders not allowing QB Derek Carr complete freedom to seek a trade

Unfairness with players within a club isn’t new in this sports generation. Recently the Raiders’ took the same decision to create a burden for their star player. The actions of the Las Vegas Raiders around quarterback Derek Carr are peculiar.

They are not giving their starting quarterback who has been there for a while the option to freely shop for a new team.

It has been reported by Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated that the Raiders are concerned that Derek Carr knows how much money he can get from other clubs.

As per Breer, the Raiders don’t see the sense in giving Carr’s camp the opportunity to seek a trade since doing so would “simply give Carr information of what’ll be out there for him in mid-February if he just enforces his no-trade clause and pushes the Raiders to cut him,” making it more difficult for Las Vegas to deal him.

After reading this, many NFL fans will be rooting against the Raiders’ executive management.

New York Jets and New Orleans Saints are just two of the clubs who are anticipated to chase Carr this summer.

Ideally, he’ll be able to leave the Raiders without lot of burden and limitations.



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