Nick Aldis blasts “out of context” journalism over his CM Punk comments amid WWE’s rapid retreat with potential Survivor Series spoiler

Wrestling fans have been anticipating CM Punk’s return to WWE ever since he departed AEW. Punk planned to return at last year’s Royal Rumble and perhaps fight Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 38, but those plans fell through. A recent interview with Nick Aldis concerning Punk’s WWE comeback was cut out of context.

CM Punk’s name continues to be bandied around in the rumor mill and on Survivor Series betting odds despite reliable sources indicating there are no conversations between CM Punk and WWE. Nick Aldis is trying to set the record straight after it seems that his statements were misconstrued in a bid for publicity.

Nick Aldis slams “out of context” journalism

In a recent interview with Rob Butler from BBC Norfolk, WWE SmackDown GM Nick Aldis discussed CM Punk’s potential return to the company. Even while Aldis acknowledged his admiration for Punk, he noted that he does not always agree with Punk’s professional choices. He previously said that it would be beneficial for all parties involved if CM Punk returned to WWE but now claims that the original statement was inaccurate.

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After the tape aired, Aldis took to Twitter to voice his displeasure, saying that the footage had been “edited out of context” and that he was surprised by the BBC’s role in the distortion. He stated he doesn’t take sides and claimed it’s beyond his control, pushing greater media standards.

Fans began talking about the possibility of a CM Punk comeback to WWE when the tape and Aldis’ answer went viral. Despite the rumors, WWE has not revealed that they are currently in negotiations with CM Punk.

WWE sets CM Punk reference video private

Since CM Punk parted ways with AEW in September. With Survivor Series quickly approaching, WWE fueled rumors by uploading a video featuring CM Punk and Randy Orton before quickly removing it. Once available on WWE’s YouTube account, the Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett match from the November 22, 2010, edition of RAW with CM Punk on commentary has been removed.

Although it’s still in the archives as a private film, it was online for a few hours before the removal. WWE Creative is unaware of CM Punk’s scheduled comeback, although one employee feels he may return. On November 25, Punk and Orton may return at Survivor Series.

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Is there any chance that CM Punk and Randy Orton will be on Survivor together? Share your opinion in the comments. 


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