CM Punk potentially spoils possible WWE return date

CM Punk has been a significant topic of discussion within the wrestling community in recent weeks after his departure from AEW following an altercation with Jack Perry at All Out. Sources indicate that he has become a point of conversation in the WWE locker room.

While his time in WWE was iconic, there is lingering animosity between both sides, especially since he was released on the day of his wedding. However, with his recent free agency, the rumor mill has gone into overdrive, speculating about his future.

CM Punk reveals plans for the next 2 months

Phil Brooks FKA CM Punk returned as a commentator on Cage Fury Fighting Championship (CFFC) where he had a previous stint when he was out of action. CFFC acts as a developmental brand for UFC. He announced that he’s free for the next 2 months implying that he probably has a contract already.

Usually, there’s a 90-day no-compete clause after being fired, and with Survivor Series happening in Chicago which is over 2 months away, and in CM Punk’s hometown, people think there’s a very strong possibility of Pepsi Phil returning home. After the Endeavor acquisition of WWE and CM Punk’s history in both UFC and WWE, the chances of him returning are at an all-time peak.

CM Punk
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Nick Khan commented on CM Punk’s potential WWE return

In a post-merger interview with ESPN, President of WWE Nick Khan was asked about CM Punk’s potential return to the Stanford-based company. He said, “Listen, we only have respect for Phil [Brooks, Punk’s real name]. We appreciate his run here. Not many people can actually get in there and do what he did. So, when we have respect for Phil, we wish him nothing but the best.”

It does seem like Nick Khan is saying no to a potential return in the most polite way possible. Punk has been very problematic with reports from the dirt sheets coming on a regular basis about his attitude problems. But it’ll be interesting to see whether WWE will do what’s best for business. With McMahons not having a full shareholding in the company now, the decision is not only theirs to make.

It seems like there’s always a rumor about CM Punk’s return to WWE television on a regular basis. But if it’s something that might actually happen, roofs are going to be blown off arenas and business is definitely going to boom.

What are the dream opponents CM Punk can face if he returns to the WWE? Feel free to discuss in the comment section.


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