Novak Djokovic’s father boldly challenges Roger Federer and Steffi Graf’s records amidst Nole’s triumphs

Srdjan Djokovic, Novak Djokovic’s father, has offered unabashed support for his son in recent times while savagely criticising his fellow tennis players. After he had ripped apart Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in a recent interview, the 36-year-old tennis legend’s father was back to business as he launched a vicious diatribe on Djokovic’s opponents.

Srdjan has also talked in length about Novak Djokovic’s possible retirement, but the 24-time grand slam champion has brushed them off. It is yet to be seen how much Novak will take to his father’s recent comments.

Srdjan Djokovic takes aim at Federer and Graf

Novak Djokovic is having a season to remember. In addition to three grand slam titles, which took his tally to a record 24 and three ATP majors wins, the Serb also cemented his legacy by ending up as the year-end world No.1 for a record eighth time.

Novak Djokovic and Srdjan Djokovic, via The Statesman

Srdjan Djokovic had some words of hope for his son as he launched an attack on those who still looked at Roger Federer and Steffi Graf as the No.1 record holders.

“For 15 years, he has been the best in the world in all possible categories. Here, for example, Federer was the best for many years with 310 weeks. When Novak caught up with him, they invented: Oh, no, Steffi Graf has 370 and something weeks. Well, do you want to will it be in those 500 or so weeks? Well, it will be,” said Srdjan.

Novak Djokovic was in top form at the Nitto ATP Finals in Turin, Italy where he won a record seventh title. However, the Serb was not a crowd favourite as he had to face jeers from the home crowd present in the stadium, especially during his match with Italian Jannik Sinner.

Pilic accuses western media of undermining Novak Djokovic

Nikola Pilic, Novak Djokovic’s ex-coach revealed to Serbian media company Kurir that the Western media continously undermined his former pupil’s achievements while amping up Roger Federer’s accolades.

Novak Djokovic and Nikola Pilic, via Sportskeeda

“The Western press belittles every success of Novak and they don’t want to accept that he is the GOAT, and that is already a finished story,” he said.

“Today I received a German magazine and on the cover is Federer in a tuxedo. What will Federer do on the cover the day after the tournament in Turin foreign? This is their disparagement, but in vain, Novak won and told them boys, continued one of the most deserving people that Novak is where it is,” he added.

Tennis World USA was particularly critical of Pilic’s comments, saying as a part of the Western media, they did not sideline Novak Djokovic’s achievments or criticise him unnecessarily.

Nevertheless, whether the fans or the media berate him, Novak Djokovic is without doubt an accomplished athlete – one who holds all the accolades of being in the GOAT debate of tennis.

What are your opinions on Srdjan Djokovic’s and Nikola Pilic’s comments on Novak Djokovic’s supposed sidelining by the media? Let us know in the comments section below.

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