Packers’ OT David Bakhtiari reflects on Aaron Rodgers’ guidance on navigating NFL roster changes

With the NFL being a highly competitive league, teams often go through roster changes each year due to injuries, free agency, or the draft, and one of the most talked about roster changes happened recently when the Green Bay Packers’ long-time quarterback Aaron Rodgers left his team to enroll his name in the New York Jets squad.

Following a blockbuster trade, Rodgers is spending his honeymoon period with his new in-laws and the Packers are preparing their next weapon Jordan Love to take the legendary quarterback’s spot, however, David Bakhtiari recently shared the advice he received from the 39-year-old QB to adapt to roster adjustments.

Aaron Rodgers’ advice to Bakhtiari after Charles Woodson’s exit

As the Packers have experienced their fair share of roster changes over the years, David opened up to Wes Hodkiewicz of recalling memories with his departing teammates on the offensive line.

“Those guys are some of my closest buddies. That’s kind of prepped me for this moment.”

David Bakhtiari

Despite playing a crucial role in winning Green Bay’s Super Bowl title in 2010, the team released the veteran cornerback Charles Woodson in 2013 having a year left in his contract. The NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2009 and the Defensive Rookie of the Year in 1998 was moved from cornerback to safety in his last season with the franchise and was eventually released.

Bakhtiari shared his insights on the invaluable guidance he received from the Jets’ new member A-Rod in navigating the ever-changing landscape of NFL rosters.

“Just another guy that’s gone. I even talked to Aaron. I remember him saying Charles Woodson was one of the biggest things, when they saw him go. It’s a business. You should never forget that. Because it will happen.”

What position does David Bakhtiari play for the Packers?

The 31-year-old veteran star started his NFL journey after getting drafted by the Packers as 109th overall in the 2013 NFL Draft, the same year when Woodson was released and had been playing for the team as a left tackle.

David Bakhtiari

The five-time All-Pro is enjoying a healthy offseason for the first time in years after four surgeries in 20 months due to a torn ACL he suffered in 2020 and expecting to go back to the form when he grabbed the record of being one of just two offensive tackles in Green Bay’s history to earn AP All-Pro recognition in five-plus back-to-back seasons.

As the Packers embark on a new chapter without their long-time MVP, fans’ eyes will be on Jordan’s weapon to ensure a successful transition period that the Seattle Seahawks went through after the departure of Russell Wilson.

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