Is Sami Zayn a Muslim? Looking at WWE superstar’ religious beliefs

Rami Sebai is widely known as Sami Zayn which is his ring name. This professional wrestler competes in the WWE’s Raw Brand and is the only fighter to win both PWD annual tournaments.

The fighter is a hard nut to crack in the ring and has bagged PWG World Champion twice and World Tag Champion five times. Let’s explore some more facts concerning his religion and religious beliefs.

What is Sami Zayn’s religion?

The Canadian wrestler is a Muslim and inherited his sacred religious beliefs from his family. Sami has Syrian roots as his parents were from Syria. They moved to Canada in 1970.

Being a Muslim, the fighter is fluent in Arabic and possesses deep Islamic knowledge within him. He also nurtures Islamic heritage, culture, and rules, regulations as best as he can.

When the WWE Champion found the door of wrestling opened for him, he saw it as a chance to redefine Islam in front of the whole world through his work. He is working to change America’s perception of Muslims and to alter the negative image of his religion in front of the whole world.

Sami got his inspiration to move forward to diminish the stigma of Islam from his childhood as grew up watching movies like Naked Gun. Not all Muslim are bad, this is what his motto is to present to everyone.

Sami Zayn takes pilgrimage to Mecca

Ahead of WWE Nights of Champions, the Tag Team Champion visited Saudi Arabia for religious purposes. He paid a visit to the holy city of Mecca to perform Umrah, a type of pilgrimage performed in Mecca.

This religious activity is performed during the Hajj off-season and is considered to be an important Islamic religious obligation. Besides, Hajj is the mandatory Islamic pilgrimage which is a must for any capable Muslim to perform.

The wrestler had always been very grateful to his profession which allowed him to perform such Islamic obligations. Moreover, his humbleness bears the example of how an athlete needs to present himself to the rest of the world.

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