Patrick Beverley predicts a successful NBA draft for Bronny due to LeBron James’s legacy: “Your last name is motherf*cking James”

Bronny James recently made waves by announcing his intention to enter this year’s NBA Draft. Fans are eager for college players to hit the NBA courts and are especially keeping an eye on Bronny, who has garnered significant attention.

While some weren’t thrilled about his decision, Patrick Beverley took a different stance and expressed his support for this young talent.

Patrick Beverley is confident Bronny James will get drafted into NBA

During a recent episode of “Pat Bev Podcast”, the Bucks guard discussed Bronny James’ NBA Draft prospect. Talking about LeBron’s potential role in the draft process, Beverley said, “He ain’t wrong. If my son is in college and I have a little power, I’ll say, ‘Come on, boy, get on this motherf***ing draft.’ Somebody’s going to draft him. ‘Your last name is motherf***ing James.'”

Bronny James entered the NBA Draft after just one year in college, a move that’s becoming more common among young players. However, Bronny’s situation is unique. He struggled a bit during his time with the USC Trojans, leading many to suggest he should stay in college for another year. As a backup plan, Bronny is considering transferring to a different school next year if he doesn’t get drafted.

While declaring for the NBA Draft, Bronny also wisely keeps the option open to return to college for another season, showing a smart approach to his career. During his freshman year at USC, Bronny’s stats were modest, with an average of 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game. He also had a three-point shooting percentage of 26.7%. These numbers indicate that Bronny is looking for a change of environment to improve his game.

Patrick Beverley talks about Caitlin Clark declaring for the WNBA draft

Patrick Beverley hesitated slightly when asked about his top pick between James and Clark. He praised Clark’s game, emphasizing her potential in the WNBA. “She’s a woo!” Beverley said, showing confidence in her abilities to excel professionally.

Patrick Beverley talks about Caitlin Clark declaring for the WNBA draft
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Clark had a big decision to make after her standout college basketball season. Despite having the option to play another year due to COVID-19, she chose a different path. Instead of staying in college, she decided to enter the WNBA Draft. It’s highly anticipated that she’ll be chosen as the top pick by the Indiana Fever.

Her decision comes after an incredible season where she achieved remarkable feats. She broke several records and became the highest scorer ever in NCAA basketball, surpassing the legendary “Pistol” Pete Maravich from LSU and the NBA. This makes her season one of the best in NCAA history, showcasing her talent and dedication to the game.

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