Shaquille O’Neal recalls Abu Dhabi police saving him from Iran border gunfire: “That way, you would get shot”

Shaquille O’Neal, in a recent podcast episode, excitedly shared his vacation experience in Abu Dhabi. He described it as a fantastic destination, highlighting its safety, tranquillity, and welcoming atmosphere. Shaq emphasized that Abu Dhabi is free from crime and disrespect, offering visitors a peaceful and enjoyable environment to relax and have a good time.

But the 7-footer once was in a sticky situation during his Abu Dhabi trip. While exploring the area, Shaq’s adventurous spirit almost led him across borders into Iran, where he could have faced serious legal issues and possible arrest, all without realizing it.

Shaquille O’Neal recounts extreme Abu Dhabi experience

Shaquille O’Neal recently travelled to Abu Dhabi for work. While there, he had an exciting time shooting commercials and enjoying the Middle Eastern country. However, things almost took a severe turn during the trip. He shared the details of a specific incident on his “The Big Podcast,” with his co-host Adam Lefkoe.

Shaq explained the entire story to his host.

“You want to hear something funny? I almost got arrested. So, my boy and I were on the SeaDudes (jet skis), and a guy told us not to go that way.”

But, being Shaq, when he was told not to go there, he shifted his entire focus to getting there.

“I’m just going and going, and we keep going. Suddenly, the police are behind us. The brother paused and said, ‘You can’t go that way. I asked why, and he replied, “That’s Iran.” So I was very close. He is like, “Brother, if you go that way, you will get shot.”

He explained that the waters were so inviting that he got carried away and lost track of the boundaries. Fortunately, the Abu Dhabi police intervened to warn him about the potential consequences. Shaq finds the incident humorous, just like his other numerous pranks, and reminds him of the importance of following rules, even in moments of excitement.

Shaquille O’Neal feels Abu Dhabi to be his second home

The NBA star loved Abu Dhabi, calling it his second home. He shared an excellent Instagram video of chilling in the water and posing behind the city’s tall buildings. Shaq even captioned, “Enjoying my 2nd home, Abu Dhabi.”

Shaquille O’Neal feels Abu Dhabi to be his second home
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Shaq isn’t new to Abu Dhabi; he did an ad for the place last year to boost tourism.

Shaquille O’Neal is a big deal worldwide because of his NBA legacy and friendly nature. This ad shows how he’s making a mark globally. The NBA is huge worldwide, and players like Shaq help spread the love for the game.

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