Paulo Costa warns Merab Dvalishvili after UFC star steals lunch in revenge: “Declaring a WAR”

In a recent friendly back-and-forth, Merab Dvalishvili and Paulo Costa took turns stealing each other’s food from the UFC Performance Institute in Nevada. The friendly feud started when Paulo Costa posted that he had stolen Merab’s food from the PI, stating that he was very hungry.

Paulo was later confronted by Merab, after which both fighters took a moment to banter and exchange jokes with each other. Things further developed when Merab Dvalishvili also took the opportunity to steal the food prepared for “Borrachinha.”

Merab Dvalishvili gets payback on Paulo Costa

On March 19th, Paulo Costa, currently ranked #7 in the Middleweight division, took to ‘X’ (formerly Twitter) and shared a video of himself from the UFC PI in Vegas. In the video, Paulo was seen taking the food package meant for Merab Dvalishvili, ranked #1 in the UFC Bantamweight division, prepared by the UFC PI.

“Of all these food that UFC Performance Institute provides, Merab food is my favorite so far. It’s kind of mix Georgian and Mexican food I think,” stated Costa.

In the video, Costa mentioned that he really likes Georgian food and then proceeded to munch on Dvalishvili’s lunch.

The ‘beef’ developed further when Merab acknowledged Costa’s antics on ‘X’. Merab then proceeded to do the same. Spotting Costa outside the PI training, Merab took a video of himself going in to steal Costa’s food and then proceeded to sit outside and eat Paulo’s meal while watching him train.

“Ooh! Mushroom… some steak, some vegetables…” said Dvalishvili, stuffing his face with Costa’s food while Costa can be seen hitting the pads in the distance.

Both Paulo Costa and Merab Dvalishvili are fan favorites and social media personalities, who enjoy trolling the UFC fandom and making entertaining content apart from being world class mixed-martial artists.

Paulo Costa with strong message to Merab Dvalishvili

Paulo Costa took to ‘X’ reposting the video made by Merab Dvalishvili, stating that Merab has officially started a ‘WAR’.

In the video, Paulo Costa is seen walking towards Merab after his pad work is over and asks Merab to give him some of the food as he is very hungry after the training.

Merab, after feeding Borrachinha the steak, proceeds to reveal that it is actually Costa’s own rations that Merab stole, to which both share a laugh.

“We are 1-1 now… I wanted my rematch, okay?” Merab said to Costa, as Costa is seen laughing in the background.

Having his food stolen in the first place, Merab also took a video with Costa, in which both shared a laugh and respect for each other’s careers. Merab also mentioned Paulo Costa’s brand called “The Secret Juice,” that Costa created after allegations of PEDs.

Will the UFC’s funniest meme page admins become best friends?

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