PSG star Neymar lavishes praise on rumored future boss of Brazil National team Carlo Ancelotti: “He will teach us a lot”

Brazil, the nation of soccer are looking to reclaim their lost crown in the world of soccer and to reign their crown they are in the hunt to appoint Italian intellect Carlo Ancelotti.

The Selecao’s always known as the nightmare of the world’s heavyweights teams. Since the very beginning of soccer every time they came up as the best nation to ever play the game.

In the veins of Brazilians, both soccer and blood run together. They are like sovereigns of soccer who used to rule the game. But at this moment the nation is hustling and struggling to repossess its lost glory. 

Neymar’s take on Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti

Neymar Jr the wonder boy of Brazil who is carrying dreams of millions on his back and who steeped his foot into the shoes of the country’s iconic players clear out his feelings upon the Italian designation.

A rumour is spreading all over the world that the soccering nation is on its track to break its tradition of appointing homeland coaches only.

Their star boy Neymar now joined the rumour and express his desire for the engagement of Italian boss Carlo Ancelotti. He said he is very excited to work with the Italian and wants to learn more from him.

Neymar also said he is quite sure that he will be going to teach them many things. Carlo Ancelotti respond to the rumour a few days back and stated that he is respecting the contract with the Spanish Giants. 

The wonder boy of Brazil also highlighted that they will get the opportunity to work with a foreign coach and he won many major trophies in his career. 

“We will have the opportunity to have a foreign coach. Ancelotti has won everything and I am sure he will teach us a lot,” the Brazilian forward told TV Band.

Ancelotti currently doing his duty for Real Madrid and looking forward to winning the Champions League for the last time with the record 14 times Champions before sitting in the hot seat of Selecao’s. 

The engagement of Ancelotti will bring new hopes for the Selecao and Samba will start to dream to recapture their majesty. The big challenge waiting for the Italians is to win Copa America in 2024 and show the world the Samba are back to their good old days. 

Ancelotti Real Madrid exit confirmed?

A few days earlier source confirmed that Carlo Ancelotti will take charge of Brazil in 2024 summer. After this Real Madrid also started looking for a replacement for the Italian.

The CBF President already clear his intention that he will wait till he was able to appoint Ancelotti. Do you think Ancelotti can fulfil the dreams of Brazil and help them to get back to the golden days? comment your opinion in the box below.



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