CBF boss confirms Carlo Ancelotti’s Brazil’s national team appointment after one more Real Madrid season

Brazil is the biggest soccer nation on the planet and they are looking for Carlo Ancelotti as a successor to Tite. If this transfer happens next summer then the continuation of Brazilian coaches will be changed.

Brazil never appointed an outsider as their head coach. However, history may be changed if Carlo Ancelotti will going to control the hot seat of the Selecao’s next summer.

After losing the World Cup dreams in the previous winter Seleção played their two international fixtures without any forefront. Brazil is looking for a new chief after the departure of Tite. 

Now, they targeted many coaches for the time being but fail to appoint anyone. Once a piece of news also came forward that Spanish boss Pep Guardiola will manage the Selecao squad. 

CBF boss confirms Carlo Ancelotti’s appointment

Brazil is without the World Cup since 2002. Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, and Kaka were the last generation that guide the nation to touch the golden trophy. After that Samaba’s have to believe in their wonder kid Neymar to win the hexa for the Selecao.

Still, now he failed to do so. During that period of time, many managers came and go but no one was ever able to deliver the nation their gift.

Every Brazilian has soccer in their blood, whenever a child born in the nation their parents dreamed their son will going to be the next big thing in the soccer world.

Whenever a coach or a player wears that yellow jersey of five stars their responsibility increases more than any other nation player or coach. They came close to the trophy in 2014 when the biggest stage of sports was organized in their country. 

But they failed in the semi-final and that was the most horrific defeat of them in the history of the game. They were crushed out of the competition by Germany with a score line of 7-1. 

That defeat is still a big wound in every Brazilian’s heart. As most of the Samba coaches failed to meet the dream of Brazil’s winning hexa. Now they are looking to end their trend of hiring country coaches only.

Carlo Ancelotti

Recently Brazil’s CBF President announced that Carlo Ancelotti is a done deal for them. As the Italian mastermind is going to take over the Selecao hot seat next summer.

He also stated that the two parties will reach an agreement at the end of this month. Ednaldo Rodrigues earlier stated that the Italian boss is his primary target as a successor of Tite. 

How long has Carlo Ancelotti been at Real Madrid?

A few days ago Ancelotti himself stated that he will stay till the remainder of his contract with the Spanish club. Ednaldo the CBF president also made it clear that we will wait till he gets his desired man in the hot seat of Brazil.

The contract with Carlo Ancelotti is going to end in the summer of 2024. After the end of the contract, he will be a free agent and if everything is go as per the plan then we will witness a revolution in Selecao soccer history. 

We are very excited to see what new things will come, as for the first time Brazil is going to appoint an outsider as their head coach. What do you think if the Italian mastermind can become a gentle successor of Tite or the dream will remain untouched for the greatest nation of soccer? pass your valuable comment in the comment section below.     



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