When Joe Burrow’s father playfully teased him after signing lucrative $36.2 million four-year rookie contract with Bengals

When Joe Burrow signed a deal with the Bengals, his father hilariously mocked him. The deal was worth $36.2 million and was a four-year rookie contract which lead his father to hilariously comment on it. This interaction between the father and son attracted many fans’ attention. 

In this article, we delve into the captivating story of Joe Burrow’s contract and the heartwarming moment between father and son. We will also explore why the quarterback is still under a rookie contract with the Bengals

Joe Burrow’s father once hilariously mocked him

Joe Burrow’s Father Playfully Teases Him After Signing Lucrative $36.2 Million Rookie Contract with the Bengals.

According to a report by The Advocate, Jimmy shared his lighthearted comments during an interview with WNXX-FM, 104.5’s Off the Bench.

In the interview, Jimmy jokingly exclaimed, “We finally got him outta our basement,” about Joe’s new professional football career. Although said in jest, the comment highlighted the excitement and pride that Jimmy felt for his son’s accomplishments. He further revealed that he had been a bit nervous until all the formalities of the contract were finalized. However, with everything settled, Jimmy expressed his relief and extreme happiness for Joe.

Joe Burrow

Jimmy also acknowledged the negotiation process involved in securing the contract, stating, “There was language that needed to be ironed out.” As a parent, he admitted feeling a bit anxious when the deal wasn’t finalized, but once it was, both he and Joe were elated.

During the interview, Jimmy also touched upon Joe’s dedication to his craft, especially during the challenging times of the pandemic. He shared that Joe would often practice with his high school buddies on their old third and fourth-grade practice field. This commitment to honing his skills paid off, as Joe Burrow quickly made his mark on the big stage and has since continued to thrive.

Why Joe Burrow still under rookie contract with Bengals?

Joe Burrow

As of now, Joe Burrow is still under his rookie contract with the Bengals. But still, he is earning a very good salary. He makes nearly $25 million per year. His initial contract, which will conclude this year, spans four years and is worth $36,190,137, averaging around $9 million per year.

Looking ahead, given his exceptional performance and market value, it is expected that he will secure a significant raise from the Bengals. 

Speculations indicate that he could earn over $45 million per year, reflecting a 500% increase compared to his rookie contract. 

With his talent and potential, Joe Burrow’s prospects appear promising both on and off the field.

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