“Rafael Nadal doesn’t surprise me anymore” former tennis legend reflected on the Spaniard’s endurance

Spanish tennis superstar Rafael Nadal, 36, is one of the key members of the ‘Big Three’ alongside Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, but often gets less attention than the other two from the media and sports analytics.

Despite winning two Grand Slams in 2022, Nadal is not on the preference list for other tennis legends who are now praising Novak Djokovic, but the Serb only clinched Wimbledon this year so far and is also on the verge of getting eliminated from the upcoming US Open.

Why is a previous tennis legend not supporting Rafael Nadal’s stamina anymore?

Despite remaining in the GOAT race with many former tennis players, Rafael Nadal received an awkward evaluation from a past star player.  

Former Chilean tennis legend Fernando Gonzalez, 41, has recently surprised the tennis world by criticizing Nadal during an exclusive interview in which he indicated that he would never rank Nadal above Djokovic because of different issues.

Rafael Nadal and Fernando Gonzalez

The fact that Nadal won two Grand Slams this year and forfeited just before his Wimbledon semi-final was another subject of discussion by Fernando Gonzalez, and the Chilean stipulated that the Spanish superstar is not performing up-to-the-mark nowadays.

Gonzalez then supported his own belief regarding Rafael Nadal by saying, “He doesn’t surprise me anymore. I thought he was going to play until he was young and he plays until he was old. When it exploded we didn’t think he was going to win Wimbledon and he’s already won it twice and so on.”

Fernando Gonzalez also claimed that Nadal had a greater possibility of achieving a remarkable triumph in 2022, but his health condition hampered that chance.

The mixed impression easily suggests that the Chilean favors Novak Djokovic more than the Spaniard, and Gonzalez is also hoping that the Serbian star will achieve something extraordinary if he gets the chance to participate in the upcoming US Open.  


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