Raiders DE Maxx Crosby drops bizarre explanation for headbutting Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes in latest video

NFL grounds can cross the extra mile to entertain the audience and sometimes the events are so dramatic that they take a long time to get erased from the mid of the fans. The face-to-face encounter between Patrick Mahomes and Maxx Crosby is such an occurrence that is still ever fresh in the mind of people.

The viral incident happened during Monday Night Football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Las Vegas Raiders. Defensive End of the Raiders, Crisby was spotted head-butting the Chiefs QB.

Maxx Crosby describes headbutting Patrick Mahomes

During a recent interview in The Voncast, the Defensive End open up about what really happened and instigated such acts among these stars. As per Crosby, he was trying to sack the dominant Chiefs player with his moves but was unable to back him down.

At this point, Mahomes got furious and came face to face with the Raiders star. The intensity of the game was already adding fuel to everyone’s mind and Crosby failed to hold over himself and responded to the Chiefs quarterback with headbutting.

“The environment was crazy… We were going back and forth. I got him on a sack in the first drive and then I don’t get him a second time, and I’m talking… like, I’m always barking at everybody, it’s part of my nature.”

“Pat wasn’t going for it, you know. He was talking back, and he’s like, ‘Aye, what’s up?’ And so they went down and scored. And I’m standing and watching, and they were all running in the endzone. I get bumped behind my back. I get hit with a shoulder; I turned my shoulder and it was Pat, and he was still running.”Crosby said. 

Later revealing the incident the Condor dropped a bizarre explanation, “And I’m like, ‘Oh no, I’m not going for that’, and so I ran straight to him and I headbutted him, like ‘What’s up?’ So we were just jawing and everybody online obviously made a big deal about it.”

Mahomes blames himself for Maxx Crosby’s headbutt incident

The head-butting incident stirred a lot of speculations during that time with everyone talking about it here and there. Besides, the footage of the incident was also replayed multiple times on the TV making it appear more ferocious to the audience.

When the Kansa City star was asked about his own version of the story, he had something very interesting to say. Patrick Mahomes to some degree takes the blame over his shoulder mentioning the incident was a result of both frustration and mind games.

The quarterback wasn’t satisfied with his own performance in the first half and he was in search of an elixir to revive his electrifying energies to enervate his opponent. So, engaging in a verbal altercation was a warm-up thing for him to get charged while playing mind games with the opponents to emit a wrong signal to them.

In his own words, the MVP said, “Fire up the team, fire up myself. I feel like I didn’t play great in the first half. And sometimes you have to kind of create your own energy. I kind of did that.”

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